I Don’t Want to Go Back Alone

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The arrival of a new student in school changes everything in Leonardo’s life. This 15 year-old blind teenager has to deal with the jealousy of his long-lasting friend Giovana while trying to figure out the feelings he found out he has for his new friend, Gabriel.

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  1. I don’t see my previous comments, just wanted to add don’t forget to watch the full feature movie “The way he looks” with the same director and actors.

  2. I remember this from a couple of years back (I think) …. very interesting and enjoyable video.

  3. This could have been a NICE comedy with a reality base. COULDA BE and may be WOULDA BE …. But they take it serious. — What the researchers find is that what ever the blind from birth can not see they can not ever react to as some thing visual. ( Do know of research on blind from birth people and their sex stuff and can not find it now, this incompetent thisling ! ) Even the total blind from birth can masturbate ( if they get free reign of their bodies).
    — Similar to old cahoots in old pe0ples homes who remember not any names but still react to the places to put hands genitally on to each other. They might each ask each ‘who are you’ but are happy as each’s hands hold each down there. Some older people places allow this … and …. most do not. [ Do write this all as. ah, ah, a brief … sorry not ]
    — QUESTING some realistic reply … How do you do he sober blind ?

    1. Are you saying you don’t think the film is realistic? Can you provide a time segement from the video that supports that? That is, as an example, is there something at 10 minutes and 24 seconds that doesn’t seem realistic?

  4. That these eyes get wet makes not a real out of any of a see. YES, these eyes drip. The movie is NOT realistic.

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