How to resolve an Argument

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A fight on the floor of a men’s volleyball tournament in Japan ended with a surprise smooch between two opposing players, to the delight of their fans.

The weekend match between the teams of Sun Yamagata and Toyoda came to a halt when a referee called a foul, and Takua Takamatsu argued with Yu Yamamoto over who committed the foul. And then this happened…

After the game Takamatsu told reporters he loves Yamamoto like a little brother. Aww ☺️

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  1. That was very cute — the video as well as both players. Love to see more of those “arguments.” Thank you for that.

  2. Sorry, but that was a huge set-up. Designed to appeal to the adolescent female audience. Apparently it’s a big thing in Japan for girls to fantasize about ‘pretty boys’ getting together – doesn’t really help the LGBT cause in that country.

    1. The LGBT cause in Japan – things aren’t so bad over there for LGBTs, no?

      It’s really an interesting and useful data point that there is a culture in the world where young women can express fascination at older/younger or younger/younger male liaisons. It says volumes about women in the rest of the world. It’s not that they put something in the water in Japan that makes women feel this way. It must be a part of human nature. And where does this element of female sexuality go, when attraction to young males becomes veboten? (Ask the ratings companies who tracked the airing of Jerry Sandusky’s TV interview.)

  3. It took two tries, this was staged indeed, look at the other players and the female audience laughing because they knew it was coming, but very cute nevertheless.

    Yeah, homosexuality is still not totally out of the closet in Japan, but I am pretty sure most gays read yaoi and bishonen mangas, they are not just for girls even if that’s the official position, a politically correct way to skip the subject.

  4. @Bear, Chimel:

    Thanks for clearing that up. I wasn’t so sure it was a REAL argument myself, that’s why I put it in quotes. I’ve never seen any REAL arguments end up like that in sports.

    Also, after reading both your comments, I watched it again more carefully and what looks like to me — the one in the black uniform “went in for that kiss” a bit early — at the very end of 0:19 going into 0:20 but “decided” it was too early … or didn’t feel comfortable at that moment? Their faces were much too close for a REAL argument.

    But, just like the girls in the audience, I enjoyed it as well. I applaud the 2 men for doing something like that anyway. That would NEVER OCCUR in American sports of any kind unless it was being recorded for an obvious comedy skit.

  5. A little historical concept:

    During the 1988 Summer Olympics, I watched a good portion of the Men’s Gymnastics. Most times, after a routine was finished by one in the Russian Team, immediately after it was done when he retreated into their “area” (don’t know what they call it officially), waiting for their score, the Russian gymnast would kiss one OR MORE of his fellow gymnasts *on the lips.*

    This was obviously a cultural thing — unfortunately, short lived, as I never saw this again in any of the following Olympic Games. Too bad, too.

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