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  1. Can not afford to get these sexy action cartoons. Nor can afford to get the sex action cartoons. OOOOO do want !

    [ Some several complain that these are not ‘ cartoons ‘ and, also, that the more complex things as the super nechanics are not cartoons but drawings, NOT cartoons.
    — There are those who complain that cartoons = comics, and that that sex equals not a comic.
    ANSWER — Some drawings are that, and that is what they are.
    — That the top of the Cysteine or Sistine Chapel of the Vatican is a cartoon of Michelangelo is real as a cartoon. The reconstruvt of it many say is reveal of a cartoon. The artist makes a giant cartoon. What the f else can such a one doooo? It cannot ever be a portrait of any one any one does ever see. Such a gigantic must be a cartoom, which, from a distance looks as ok as real. PERIOD. F all detractors. ]

    Not all drawings and cartoons are more appealing than the oh so that one in the flesh … ha ha ha ha ha ha

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