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  1. OK, but I think the face shots are TOO CLOSE-UP. He has the looks to show it ALL off.

    Wait, is that a girl’s hand taking the candy out of his mouth — with the painted nail? (And putting it IN as well?)

    1. I was at the premier at SXSW two years ago and made a clip of the after screening interview with the cast that I posted to YouTube. As far as I know it has yet to have a general release.
      I found much of the criticism to be unduly harsh. I find that many young critics seem to think they get extra points for tearing down a film they just don’t understand.

  2. Allow, Awe, Allow… OW ! … the danger of mere curious oral tempt tp be an ALLOW … OW ! … Swallow Allow Swallow … But does he get some real allow ? Looks as if he does not. OW ! … Understand nothing. … OW !

  3. Well, Timothée Chalamet has risen to the very top of actors to represent the sensual/sexual experience [or at least the foreplay part] (with Tom Holland close behind) to their public (fans). These GIFs certainly help that image.

    I’m just not a fan of the EXTREME close-ups that have become so au [de?] rigueur in “Hollywood” film making.

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