Homeless Queer Youth in the UK

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Over 10,000 young queer people were made homeless in the UK last year, new figures show. Freedom of information requests from 234 councils across the country show 45,000 18-24 year-olds came forward to local authorities in past year.

Figures from the Albert Kennedy Trust show that of young homeless people in the UK, about 25% are queer. Therefore, of the astonishingly high number of young people who have come forward to say they are either homeless or at risk of becoming homeless – an estimated 11,250 are queer.

However, with more than 100 local authorities not providing information – the Guardian reports the real number could be much higher.

The AKT figures make the LGBTI representation among homeless young teens hugely disproportionate. Additionally, they also show coming out is the reason nearly four in five of the young LGBTI teens AKT spoke to become homeless.

Moreover, once homeless, queer youth are more likely to experience targeted violence and discrimination. They are also more likely to abuse drugs, face sexual exploitation, and take more risks in their sex lives.

Speaking at the announcement of their partnership with National Student Pride, Tim Sigsworth, CEO of the Albert Kennedy Trust says:

“AKT believe that youth homelessness is the most pressing human rights issue facing the UK LGBT+ community. No young person should have to choose between a safe home and being who they are.”

Gay singer Troye Sivan has spoken out about LGBTI homeless youth

Troye Sivan spoke to queer kids in New York about being homeless. The singer visited the Ali Forney Center in New York City and spoke to three LGBTI youth aiming to turn their lives around.

Sivan met Skye, Maddox and Lala, who all had their different reasons for being homeless. The three are part of the centre’s youth ambassador program and are looking to, and working on, turning their lives around.

“As a community, we’ve come so far,” Sivan said. “But we clearly have a very, very, very long way to go. Now it’s my job, and our job, to keep pushing that forward and keep moving things in the right direction.”

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  1. OK all you young entrepreneurs, here’s your next big thing: Remember how NBC’s Dateline news magazine show used to lure and entrap pedophiles and film them getting busted by the police when they showed up at a house to have sex with a child.

    How about a reporter interviewing homeless gay kids who were thrown out for being gay, getting their home addresses, and, through some clever ruse, setting up their cruel and stupid parents to be ambushed by the reporter who calls them out for what they did. Instead of being busted by cops, you have a shrink on hand to educate them about the error of their ways, and getting them to recant their hates and fears. And even getting them to take their kids back home. A ‘happy ending’ reality show that’s actually real.

    I’m sure you could polish up my idea, flesh out the details, and sell it to a cable channel like Vice or Logo or MTV. The drama would be real, that should make for good audience appeal. Ka-Ching $!$!

    1. Damn, I can’t believe what I actually read by you. It’s actually progressive. Have you been on some drugs milkboys doesn’t know about lately?

      1. As a teenager, my drug of choice was gunpowder. Then I got hooked on sperm. Nowadays, I do medicinal bacon. And some gunpowder. And some sperm.

  2. “10,000 young queer people were made homeless in the UK last year”
    “45,000 18-24 year-olds came forward to local authorities in past year.”

    And you Brits continue to berate America for our economic and social conditions. Yes, we have problems, and it’s bigger than UK’s …. but only because we have at least 5.15 times the population you have.

    By kicking out that many young gay kids in U.K,, it shows you’re social education is not that much better than ours …. and you even have less religion than we do (but it’s just as fucking stupid — your numbers prove it).

  3. Both of your comments here never fail to make me think, wtf are you thinking? You both totally missed the point.

    How about you stop hating and go donate some time or money? I gave more than I made at work today. If you want, The Trevor Project is a good US version, donated to them multiple times before too.

    Also, thanks Josh, I’d been trying to find a good UK based Trevor Project. They’re official run sponsors too, definitely going to run for them next time they’re at a race I enter.

  4. Lets have a little bit of context here:

    Firstly 45k came forward to Local Councils “…either homeless or at risk of becoming homeless”, at risk of been homeless is not the same as been homeless…how do you best get on to (or move up) the ladder (waiting list) for getting Social Housing (Council Housing (State Housing)), by clamming your at risk of becoming homeless…

    Also lets define homeless:


    So the 45k that’s not actually 45,000 people living on the street.

    To be considered for a council house in the UK, its based on a points system, the more points you have the higher up the ladder you go. One sure fire way to get higher up that ladder is to claim you’re at risk of becoming homeless.

    The headline of this post, is actually misleading “Over 10,000 young queer people were made homeless in the UK last year”, if you bother to read the original article, it does use the wording “…at risk of becoming homeless”.

    Its another one of those headlines used to grab peoples attention by bending the facts, (clickbait, would be another word for it) and unless you read the original, people get a twisted view of a number chucked around and taken out of context.

    Also I take hum bridge at “Gay singer Troye Sivan has spoken out about LGBTI homeless youth”. Does it actually need to use the wording “Gay singer”, if it had been someone else who is not gay, would it have said “Heterosexual singer…”, I think not. Does it actually matter if the singer is gay or not. In some way I feel it belittles him.

    Apologise for the long rant, my first, as I don’t normally bother.

    1. And, just exactly why are [whatever number] LGBT* “…at risk of becoming homeless”? Could it be [most probably] …. parents’ “religion” ?

      1. My gripe is about the use of the headline, how it misrepresents the figures…not why a high % of young LGBT (add missing letters as you please) are at risk of or becoming homeless.

        You could ask the same question of:
        “Ethnic minorities now account for up to 40 per cent of all homeless households in England”


        So are we now talking about LGBT ethnic minorities and going to randomly get a percentage from the incorrectly listed number!

        The issues with statistics…you can take any number you like and turn it to your own advantage, to suit your own reasoning. 1 in 4 pints on the bar are half empty…or are they half full!

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