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  1. He was definitely a hottie in his time.

    “Pan down damnit”

    Nope, this photo was (as is a lot of them that are B&W and all those in Rolling Stone) was taken by Annie Leibovitz and she said specifically in an interview about them that she didn’t take any photo showing his genitals — she didn’t want to, saying that David was more alluring without showing his genitals — even though at that time, he was perfectly willing to do so.

  2. “Can I get a little help over here,” he said.

    And she “didn’t understand” what that meant…

  3. I heard several years later how my three sisters moved heaven and earth to get their mitts on a copy of this magazine.

    1. I had several copies of that Rolling Stone magazine. The centerfold image goes down to and includes some of his pubic hair. The magazine also had an article about William S. Burroughs titled “Naked Lunchbox” which was a play on words between Burroughs’ book title and the Cassidy photos.

  4. I certainly wouldn’t have wanted to live his life! Once he became “famous”, he couldn’t go wherever he wanted for fear of being “mobbed”! No matter how much money you have, personal freedom is more valuable! RIP David.

  5. Never even heard about the guy and his Partridge Family serie, but Annie Leibovitz sure knows how to frame a sexy boy. She reminds me of the photograph and cineast Jessica Yatrofsky who published “I Heart Boys” (and “I Heart Girls” later) and shot this beautiful video “East Village Boys:”
    (There’s probably a better quality video around.)

    The oldest hottie for me is probably Noah Hathaway, who played Atreyu in The Neverending Story I remember watching when I was already 19, doing my military service in Germany, so it was not a fully wasted year of my life. ;)

    Here he was then, with his horse:×0-3.jpg

    Here he was as a teenager and young man:

    I also had a thing for Matthew Waterhouse, who played Adric, companion to the 4th and 5th Doctors Who:

    1. Hathaway’s beautiful skin has been smothered by tattoos since his early 20s. He’s now crowdsourcing to cover $184K in spinal fusion medical bills, the injury
      dating back to being trampled by a horse while filming NE Story….

  6. very hot. I’m sure there is lots of interesting stories there. I never followed his career. But wow, cute here.

  7. David Cassidy, 1972 -.-.-.-. This is a one who is for every one to see. The groin / crotch / genital bump is a show, as such, as it is, on tv. Such do effervesce to violence many because of that body [and song]. ETCETERA.

    1. Do mean that many hate DAVID CASSIDY because of the obvious sexuality. Do hear what and read what many say so. Also hear what on the street some say as hate even as David Cassidy is not hiding sex. Do mot understand such at the time.

  8. Don’t know if any of you noticed ….. in his TV series, The Partridge Family, but there were probably no less than half-dozen episodes he shows a noticeable erection — it may or may not have been full (since I don’t know what size he had), but there was no way of hiding his bulge. I strongly suspect he did this on purpose — I’m just surprised the cameraman, director and/or editor didn’t edit it out.

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