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  1. Yes, he definitely was a hottie! Does anyone know his age in this photograph? Does anyone actually know anything about him. Was he gay?

  2. The internet seems to know nothing about this young man. Google searches find this photo and only one tidbit of information:

    “Touring musician Glen Halik of the Halik Trio. Not much is known of this young man, but it’s not hard to imagine wherever he went he turned heads.”

    Even Wikipedia knows nothing of him.

    1. Finding that brochure was pretty good, Horsey!!
      It refers to the pianist of the trio being of the “Arthur Frazer Studio”.
      Arthur Frazer apparently graduated University of Oregon 1904 had a music studio in Chicago from about 1911 to 1914 before being appointed to the “Indiana Conservatory of Music”.
      So that pins the Trio down to between 1911 and 1914 and reckon Glen looks to be under 25 at that time.
      So, I guess he was turned into American cannon fodder for a war in Europe.
      Then they did it again just 30 years later.
      Does America get any thanks for all the beautiful boys it gave?
      Sorry to get serious.
      It just pays to remember, sometimes.

  3. Just enter ‘glen halik violin’ into duckduckgo and he turns up on pininterest dated 1910. Just looking at the photo looks antique. So what, new or old just electrons on a screen. Just had here a goblet from 2,000 years ago. If us viewers need live minnows we go to helix or grindr or the Discord chat board if you want to hook up, whatever. Otherwise it is all academic, just looking at pictures and topics, virtual reality. Easy to pass a few minutes of distraction or whatever.

    1. My ‘so what’ was replying to horsey saying they were dead. My comments were not a put down, though the phrasing upon reflection kind of flat, were matter of fact. Most pictures here are not live and up to date, so what? doesn’t matter, still are what they are. Thank you Emilie for your obsession and whatever. We can certainly float away on the W3 whenever we want

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