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John Henderson, the fifth naronet of Fordell (1752 – 1817), a Scottish nobleman and politician, painted by Gavin Hamilton (1723 – 1798).

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    1. Henderson served as MP for Fifeshire (1780), Dysart Burghs (1780–84), Seaford (1785-6), and Stirling Burghs (1806-7). Early in his career Henderson was associated with Henry Dundas and supported William Pitt the Younger, but Dundas threw his support to William Wemyss in 1787 and Henderson never forgave him for it. In 1791 he supported his cousin Andrew Cochrane,[5] but in 1796 he campaigned vigorously but unsuccessfully against him. In an effort to keep unfavorable votes from being cast, Sir John Henderson intimidated voters and imprisoned the Provost and some other unfavorable voters.[6][7] Henderson became provost of Inverkeithing from 1791–1807.

      1. So… just another son of privilege who abused power to maintain power. Ho-hum.

        Cute tho…

  1. Oh, how he must have been loved at Harrow or whichever public school he went to. (public school the British sense.) This was when Simon Raven claimed it tool three hundred years to create a gentleman.

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