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Arthur Rimbaud (1854–1891), often dubbed “the boy poet”,  offended writer Charles Clos by using his poems as toilet paper, is said to have masturbated into the drink of pianist Ernest Cabaner, & enjoyed spoiling poetry readings by shouting ‘SHIT’ at the end of every line.

Leonardo DiCaprio as Arthur Rimbaud in the film Total Eclipse in a scene with fellow poet and lover Paul Verlaine (David Thewlis)

Lauded as one of the greatest French poets in history, Rimbaud has inspired many generations of poets. He also wrote the bulk of his poetry in his teens and gave up on writing altogether at 21, after finishing one of his most revered pieces, Illuminations. 

His love affair with Paul Verlaine, was marked as turbulent, to say the least. Their relationship ended rather violently, with Verlaine shooting Rimbaud in the wrist with a revolver in Bruxelles.


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  1. Rimbaud is an amazing poet and his message of freedom may be even more relevant to our times.
    There is no taboo whatsoever in his poetry, which is always provocative, like the “asshole sonnet” (which is exactly what is sound, a hymn to assholes) or the “7yo poets”, which is not so much about poetry in the usual sense, but about the sensual discovery of sexuality by a little boy, in a very crude yet very realistic and erotic (but not pornographic) way.

    He was a huge meteor impacting the world of poetry, and the cause of death for many dinosaurs I guess…

    This world was unfortunately too small for his talent.

  2. I have the video to this as there’s a few hot shots of Leanardo looking really hot.
    Not the best movie but interesting topic, and a nmust if you follow Leanardo.

  3. Why “Bruxelles”? It’s Brussels in English, or at least put Brussel- Bruxelles-Brüssel as it is the capital of a trilingual country.

  4. A bit upsetting to realize he was a hateful little shit that most of us would have found absolutely unbearable had we actually known him. At least that’s the impression I’ve gotten from studying his life. “Il pleure dans mon coeur,” Paul Verlaine’s answer to Rimbeau’s “Il pleut doucement sur la ville,” (both can be googled) is a wonderfully moving poem. Rimbeau’s mother always referred to him as “poor Arthur.”

  5. In his biography, I remember during the Franco-Prussian war (1870) after running away from home, he would sleep with the soldiers, giving himself to them. I think he wrote a poem about it…

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