Heterosexual Pride Day

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Some people always find a reason to hate and envy you. Even when it’s just because you get one day a year to celebrate yourself, your culture and the overcoming of many struggles. Even when people in your community, to this very day, are at risk of getting bullied into suicide, murdered, thrown into prison because of who they love. Hell, even if they can celebrate every other day of the year as theirs.

It’s not a new sentiment either, the black community for example had to listen to nonsense like “All Lives Matter” in response to their “Black Lives Matter” movement; so it wasn’t much of a surprise when #HetereosexualPrideDay started trending on social media earlier this month. Luckily sane voices were quick to respond…


“Queer Pride was not born of a need to celebrate being gay, but our right to exist without persecution. So instead of wondering why there isn’t a Straight Pride movement, be thankful you don’t need one.”

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  1. Well, acutalli all lives matter and not only blacks and even if they are acutal victims of violence there is no sense in making it a big deal if nothing is done and I personally don’t find anything special with being gay or bisexual, it is just being an ordinary and normal persona, why should it be a “pride” celebration?. If you find hetero pride nonsennse maybe gay pride is also nonsense.

  2. Good thing to know that gay pride in western Europe is about protesting against hate laws in Asia and Africa. :)

  3. Interesting post by Mat Auryn.

    We could also substitute religious/christian/muslim for heterosexual and apply atheist in place of homosexual in just about every statement above — sometimes just switch christian — muslim for those states whose opposite religion rules them (and I mean literally rules them). But, atheist is always the underdog (in those religious states).

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    OK, but how about giving us a choice for the thread’s OP as well? It’s only fair (and you’ll get an insight to what to post next).

    1. Saying that all lives matter is nonsense right?
      I thought despite everything, we are all humans at the end, nevermind.

      So if black lives matter, why nobody said anything about kenyan students killed last year?
      Apparently not all black lives matter.

      Besides black lives, lots of people are killed everyday around the world but nobody ever says anything about it and that has happened from the begining of societies. I don’t see peole protesting for all the thousands of people or maybe millions that have died in Syria or students and other people being killed not only by the police but also by the army in Latin America, and what about BLACK people dying everyday in Africa by AIDS, famine and endless conflicts? Where are the hashtags saying #WeAreAllSyria, #StudentLivesMatter, #NoMoreFamine for example?

  5. Sorry, but I can’t get behind movements that are fueled primarily by stereotypes and emotion and have few facts to back them up.

    Given that their supporters almost universally ignore cases where people of other races have potentially been wrongfully shot by police (including other minorities), the BLM movement also seems to be largely racist in nature to me.

    I’d LOVE to see police departments move away from training officers to have an “us versus them” mentality, stop using intimidation to gain compliance, and make efforts to become a part of the communities they serve rather then apart from them. However, none of that will do any good so long as citizens are hell-bent on demonizing them and refusing to meet them half way.

    Anyone with authority needs to be held to a higher standard, but that doesn’t mean the rest of us get to hurl bottles and bricks at them with impunity.

  6. Somehow Heterosexual Pride Day has been hijacked into who’s lives matter and the eccentricities of the BLM movement.

    Anywho, there’s no “pride” to be had with anyone’s sexual orientation. That’s like celebrating Southpaw Pride or Brunette Pride or 20/20 Vision Pride, or some other quirk of fate. Nothing there to be proud of. Pride, like self-respect, is not an entitlement – it must be earned. Anybody who is “proud” of themselves better have the resume to back it up if they want any deference from me.

    1. @horsey:
      “Anywho, there’s no ‘pride’ to be had with anyone’s sexual orientation.”

      Really? Would you like to seriously reconsider that notion? To wit:

      In nearly all schools [elementary, middle, high and secondary] straights use anything they can think of to “prove” (and therefore “brag”) they ARE heterosexual so they will be accepted into whatever clique they want to be a part of at that moment.

      Straights, daily if not hourly [somewhere], pull out photos of their girlfriends/wives to brag about them [and with today, they brag about them on social media with either text or images] — either their facial looks, body contours and/or talents [public AND private].

      Straights, daily if not hourly [somewhere], pull out photos of their children to brag about not only how “cute” they are, but also subliminally, how “virile” they are just because they have offspring [“I don’t shoot with blanks.”].

      Straights use their girlfriends, wives and children to “prove their worth” for potential employers, friends, or anyone/ business that subliminally have the prerequisite of being “heterosexual and proving it.”

      Americans seem to not trust any man who doesn’t prove his heterosexuality when elected to a public office, particularly the President. James Buchanan, the 15th President of the United States was the only one voluntarily single throughout his term. Grover Cleveland was single when elected but he married while in the White House. And Chester Arthur was also single when he became president, his wife having died before he entered office.

      There are literally dozens of more ways in which heterosexuals show their “pride” of just being heterosexual. So, don’t presume to lecture us that there is no pride of being heterosexual.

  7. @penboy

    In my understanding I would refer to those as symbols of social status, while they may imply heterosexuality, their purpose isn’t necessarily to ‘flaunt’ there sexuality. For some it might be, but I think showing off your kids is having pride in the work you have put forward in raising your “good” kids.

    One should be proud about their spouse, that’s two people choosing to get along intimately, that’s f’ing hard no matter who you are, homosexuality isn’t fully accepted yet so showing a picture of your husband might make a situation worse and harm your social status instead if heightening it.

    My point is I don’t think it’s being proud of heterosexuality, because people who are straight likely don’t even think about their glaringly straight actions.

  8. What a bunch of hogwash. Heterosexual Pride Day eh? Hmm, what a concept! Turn on the TV, go out to the mall or downtown, or any other public place with people and look around any day of the week and it’s a freaking heterosexual fest. Only homophobic assholes would consider such a concept a good idea.

  9. Honestly, if the heteros want pride… why not just wrap it all up in Pride and celebrate every sexuality? I don’t think they need their own day, but why not invite them to celebrate Pride in who they are and who they love? I can’t see how that’s a bad thing.

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