Heile Gänsje

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Artist and filmmaker Matt Lambert splits his time between London and Berlin, creating dark and twisted works. The title for his is film, Heile Gänsje (translated Heal, Goose), is taken from an old German song in which the mother sings rather ominously ‘don’t worry child as in 100 years we will all be dead’.

Presented as a youth portrait of kinds, Heile Gänsje has a “fragmented and abstract narrative built around the subtle sensations experienced through deconstructing oneself and allowing the primal and visceral in.” With a soundtrack from artists such as Patrick Wolf, Le1f and Black Cracker and proving to be as sensual as it is sinister.

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  1. I see the sensuality, but I don’t see anything “dark, twisted or sinister.” Just a clique of alcoholic, stoned, libertine twinks with too much time on their hands. They’ll soon outgrow this little den of delicious iniquity – nothing lasts forever.

  2. It had something of a sensory erotic dream quality, reminding me of a life style that would have been nice to dip into sometimes.

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