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An obsessive mother, on the verge of a nervous breakdown. A father, carefully blotted out from all the family photos and a dreadful child-psychiatrist with unconventional methods – This is the summary of young Hazel‘s life, secretly attracted to boys…

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  1. Very cute and very creative. But I couldn’t help getting flashbacks of Noordzee, Texas both in the imagery and the music. And even the cars — 1966/67 Buick Skylark! And the story line (to a point) — how Pim felt about his mother. Just similarities that hit me right away.

    And how can anyone argue that boys and girls his age aren’t sexual? That cute dance and the way he did it (the same as thousands of boys and girls his age and younger do on their YouTube videos consciously) shows just how sexual they’re internally recognizing of themselves — both front and back.

      1. Point out something biological and psychological and it brings out the most ignorant and immature of humans.

        Btw, WHY are YOU in here — to watch THIS video? OR for that matter, ANY of the posts on this site?

        1. He’s here to masturbate looking at this little boy, then feeling guilty about it, psychologically projecting his feelings onto others whilst pretending to be outraged. {Probably a member of the British Conservative Party, and I dare say a Mason as well?) Probably visits Children’s Homes as part of his charitable works and gives a “deposit or two” towards their funds? Both monetary and fluidity as well.

  2. What a weird-ass movie! Like the old anti-drug ad: “This is your imagination; this is your imagination on … ???” Anyway, I liked it. And that super-hot car-wash boy can detail mine – and me – anytime.

  3. It is certainly a reversal of 1950s ideology of gayness as mental illness, when clearly the mother is the one who has the problem. The boy clearly has an attraction to men.

  4. It’s too sad

    Did his mother murder Hazel as well as his father and Ruth?
    That’s the story’s question.

  5. Hi!

    Do you think that boy actor Aurélien Mori understood the topic “homophobia” (resp. homoerotic desires) in this Swiss short film directed by Tamer Ruggli (* 1986) in 2012? Some self-proclaimed protectors of children could claim that such a young child is too young to understand this topic.

    I think that homosexual desires of such young kids, being attracted to young men but not to boys on the same age, still are a taboo in films in Western Europe and in the US. The Filipino coming-of-age film “The Blossoming of Maximo Oliveros” (2005) is about a 12yo gay teen who is in love with a young cop.

    I think that this grotesque exaggeration + time shift (some decades ago) in “Hazel” is a smart method for talking about this topic.

    Are there any auto-biographies about gay men who were attracted to young men when they were boys on the age of “Hazel”? Are there any movies about this topic?


    1. “Are there any auto-biographies about gay men who were attracted to young men when they were boys on the age of “Hazel”?”


      1. Hi Penboy!

        Obviously my mother tongue isn’t English. Sorry for that.

        What do you mean with “nifty” in this case? Do you think that the film “Hazel” expresses homoerotic desires which don’t exist in real life?

        1. Your English is fine. “Nifty” is a website that has lots of stories … and I’m sure many of them are at least partial “auto-biographical” in an erotic way.

          ““Hazel” expresses homoerotic desires which don’t exist in real life?”
          Certainly possible, but who knows? He definitely expresses some sort of internal sensuality and sexuality he’s trying to “get out.”

          1. As a Nifty writer myself, I find myself in rare accord with Penboy.

    2. Maybe you could use that thing called the internet. Not for porn. But for films and books galore! Please.

      1. “Maybe you could use that thing called the internet. Not for porn. But for films and books galore! Please.”

        Very true. But, for some personal topics and ideologies, those sources only reflect the political correctness of the author, etc.

        If we relied only on the surface availability of the Internet (and book stores, et al), then we wouldn’t have some of the books that have become necessary for societies:

        Just a sample:
        Why I Am Not a Muslim
        God Is NOT Great
        The God Delusion
        The End of Faith
        The Portable Atheist
        Why I Am Not a Christian

        … and many, many more if not for political correctness.

        I intentionally chose this topic for the books as it’s very psychological.

      2. Hi Neuf!

        Your comment isn’t that helpful to me. Sorry.

        In my opinion it’s hard to find short films like “Hazel” and movies (for movie theaters) like Filipino coming-of-age film “The Blossoming of Maximo Oliveros” (2005) focusing on a young boy (11-14yo) who has homoerotic desires about young men.

        In my opinion this topic “gay or bi kids being attracted to young adults” is a taboo, a no-no. But if a 13yo boy is attracted to a 25yo woman, then this is (more or less) acceptable in Western Europe and in the US.

        Website “Nifty”: Some science fiction books are entertaining to me. But I know it’s fiction. – I look for autobiographies about gay men who were attracted to young men when they were about 12yo boys like “Hazel” or “Maximo Oliveros”.

        Thanks for any comments. Bye.

    3. I know when I was 12 I was attracted to men in their 20s and older. Being in an orphanage and being uber femmie, I was the attraction for a lot of older boys and some only a year or two older than me. Suffice to say a lot of boys their age lost their cherry to my hot little pie. Ah, pretty memories.

  6. My stuff can be found on Nifty by going to the Prolific Authors page and searching for my email tag, rwxxx13. Sorry for the delay, forgot to check back here. You could start with Tattoo On My Heart.

  7. Great thanks, i will have a read and respond via email :)

    I wrote a few stories there some years back and vaguely remember someone responding to me as Wolfe with an email “wvs” or something similar, so i was wondering if it were you. But clearly not because your mail is different.

    Would send you my stories, but as i wrote them back when i was a naive kid, even i look back at them and cringe right now. So nevermind that!

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