Large US charities secretly funded anti-queer hate groups

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Several large charities in the United States have been secretly giving millions of dollars to hate groups for years. They funnelled money to white supremacists and anti-queer groups. The Donors Trust, Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund, Schwab Charitable Fund, and Vanguard Charitable gave nearly $11 million to 34 groups classified as hate groups. These funds have supported 12 anti-queer groups, 12 anti-Muslim groups, eight anti-immigrant groups, one white nationalist group, and one radical traditional Catholic group according to Sludge.

The Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF), an anti-queer hate group that masquerades as a Christian legal charity, was the biggest beneficiary of the anonymous donors. The group raked in $2.7 million from mid-2014 through 2017.

ADF is the group behind many of the largest court cases opposing queer rights. They have argued in favour of ex-gay conversion torture and banning transgender people from bathrooms that correspond with their gender identity. They also argued against marriage equality and nondiscrimination laws. The Family Research Council, one of the most vociferously anti-queer groups in America, has also benefited from the secret funding and received $548,000.

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    1. And of course, libertarian hypocrites just as many conservatives are and religious definitely are. The koch brother most evil slimebags are supposedly libertarians who are obsessed with individual “liberty” and “freedom” which supposedly motivates their wanting to destroy and get rid of government (except for military and police to enforce their laws) yet they passionately support and pursue enforcing their religious and other views (which are not ethical or moral as they have no ethics or morals) upon other people and society. It seems David Koch is ill and I rejoice and hope he has lots of pain and discomfort as should his brother Charles.

  1. This is really a shame: Most corporations who delegate 401K pension fund management to the Fidelity, Schwab and Vanguard parent investment companies have non-discriminatory policies and should really pressure these investment companies to follow the same ethical rules and not support nonprofits that are known hate groups.

    The fund managers who said it’s the individuals who choose the nonprofits are totally wrong: It’s their company, they can decide to exclude questionable nonprofits if they want. Not doing so encourages ha

  2. *Not doing so encourages hate and violates their corporate customers’ anti-discriminatory policies.
    (comment was posted while still typing it, weird.)

  3. Have very little money. Can not pay to make an own site for to show any thing nor any think contrary to any hate. Do also have hates and angers. The THEY make it so. Some are mine. People come down on this guy here from the GAY and STRAIGHT forums for scientific and sex issues. Angers and Hates exist in any organize, including those gay.

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