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  1. Cute with a nice (not great or ideal) body right now — he needs to watch his growing tummy — at his young age. Cuddly and smooth [navel] right now.

      1. “But, if you must have a six pack on your pup, look here…”

        No, not at all (as nice as that is, to be sure). I was just pointing out his now-expanding belly around his navel at this age (young — whatever it is of this photo). Don’t know where he’s from, but that’s a sign of an increasing diet of fast foods (fried, sweet, etc) which boys his age and young should watch out for —- and more so, his parents.

        And that photo link does NOT show any “6-pack” — that couldn’t even be called a “2-pack”.

  2. Because he’s a “boy” as in Milk”boys.” He has broad shoulders, narrow hips and long legs (see his YouTube video); it would take him all of 3 months to turn that body into a sheer perfection. His face will lose that slight trace of baby fat in a year or two (probably) and I predict he will be even more gorgeous, though you never know at that age. Meanwhile, he could have me now if he played his cards right . . . all 82 years of me.

  3. There was a cute picture of him when he was younger eating an ice cream cone. Fun to watch him grow.

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