J.K. Rowling can’t stop spilling tea about Dumbledore’s sex life

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J.K. Rowling just can’t stop making her wizarding world seem more diverse and progressive than it really was in her books and films. In her latest attempt she said Albus Dumbledore and Fantastic Beasts villain Gellert Grindelwald had a ‘passionate’ love affair. Something that was barely hinted at in her works.

Even long-time fans are tired of Rowling shenanigans. And they’re letting her know as you can see in some of the tweets below…

Rowling’s comments come after Fantastic Beasts picked up criticism for skirting the subject of the romance between the two characters. In the film, Dumbledore hints that the pair were “closer than brothers,” and one flashback sequence featured a homoerotic moment between the lovers.

However, the plot was largely sidelined in the film, leading to accusations that it was being downplayed to allow the blockbuster’s release in overseas markets that forbid depictions of same-sex relationships.

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  1. Not having read any Harry Potter books, or seen any Harry Potter movies, I couldn’t care less.

  2. Before joining the Quidditch team, one had first to show mastery at handling Harry’s hard morning wood.

    1. In ‘The Goblet of Fire’, Colin and Dennis Creevey tried as a pair. While they got an ‘Outstanding’ they declined the offer of joining, only to come back at the next tryout. They continued coming for the rest of their time at Hogwarts, and so did Harry – inside the Creevey brothers.

    2. “handling Harry’s hard morning wood.”

      Otherwise known as his wand? And comparing [his] to the other bent wands.

  3. If there’s one thing I’ve learned it’s that HP fans are worse then Star Wars fans and Star Trek fans combined when it comes to the lore….

    1. And leaving out the Lord of the Rings fans for lore specifics? Watch Stephen Colbert — a major fanboy.

  4. “J.K. Rowling just can’t stop making her wizarding world seem more diverse and progressive than it really was in her books and films.”

    In other words, say/change/do whatever it takes to rake in more money —- i.e., political correctness.

    1. She’s worth over £1 billion and yet she can’t stop sticking her nose in where it’s not wanted. She’s a “do as I say not as I do” hypocrite.

  5. J. K. ROWLING writes the books. They do not write the screen plays nor make any movies. [ Get to page 15, finally, of the first book, after 3 attempts, and never bother again. ] For a few dollars more, will be more than able to write about the life on EIGHT MILE ROAD in DETROIT. For a few dollars more will add more including FIVE MILE’s and SIX MILE’s real names. A secret even those who live there know not. Then can add SEVEN, and NINE MILE ROADS’ stories. There is TEN MILE and ELEVEN MILE ROADS too, as the dollars require for all to make a concise history of DEETROIT. Would also add a prequel about FRONT STREET and GREEKTOWN and THE TWIN TOWERS plus a FORD and GENERAL MOTORS bankruptcy ( neither losing any money ! ). With EIGHT MILE ROAD as a centerpiece. YES ! Make this happy for the little extra $ pleasure and can and will explain how INDEPEDENCE HALL in PHILADELPHIA centers a DETROIT love affair…. BROTHERLY LOVE and all THAT ! — — OH ? NO ? ψ ƊℯѵιԼ♥♂

  6. J K ROWLING does not make the screen plays nor does the create of any movie. [ Do manage to get a few line after page 15 of the 1st book though. WEW ! ] ψ ƊℯѵιԼ♥♂

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