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  1. If that’s a boy, I’m in love at first sight.

    If that’s a girl, she might cry rape the next morning if I put my penis inside.

  2. The only way we [NON-Republicans] will have a “happy” new year is if there’s a *positive/absolute path* to removing this pig-in-chief from our White House as well as our Vice-lunatic and take over the House and Senate to do both of those things.

    Btw, he’s super cute ….. and those blue eyes!

    1. You are proposing a coup, if I understand your system, removing the Prez, gets you the full-on fundie xtian nut-job who will burn your fat old queer brain out !
      Your half term elections might result in more democrats but who is the flag bearer ?
      Trumpton is a dick but he is relatively harmless, the GOP behind him have been totally corrupted by the xtians. It dates back to Ronnie going after their vote, everybody assumed they were harmless but, as happens when people live in ghettos, they had reinforced their ” beliefs” while they were in the wilderness.
      The percentage of people who really believed in the old shit had dropped to nearly negligible levels over here but your ” missionaries” have been stirring the shit here too. We now have fundie schools getting their curriculum’s from your lot.
      The Democrats have got to find a new candidate that doesn’t rely on gender or race but can really tell it like it is or Trumpton, if he stands, will be a shoe-in.

      Lovely boi, Josh.

      Happy, non-nuclear, new year everybody.

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