Häppy Holidays!

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Happy holidays everyone and thanks a lot for your loyalty & support over the last eight (dang!) years of milkboys :)


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  1. re: ä

    I know you use ‘accents’ on many vowels, but, on an English word, too? Or is it just a mild joke?

    Either way, happy holidays! And, may your website “sock” be filled! :-)

  2. Now there’s the best reason I can think of for dragging a Christmas tree into the house! :-D

    Best wishes and Happy Holidays to everyone, especially Josh, who has done so much to make the Internet a better place.

  3. @whiterabbit1
    ❦Knew there was a reason for Santa’s naughty list, that crew’s got to be topping the chart!
    Merry Xmas Guy \_(ツ)_/

  4. @whiterabbit1:

    Magic Wee Hing — Interesting character (long, lost Leprechaun or just the Xmas variety?)!

    That started out hilarious until it got out of hand. But, still cute. Made me think of the Euro “tradition” (Did it start in the Netherlands?): Krampus

    Of course, the best part (and actor) of this is Max (Emjay Anthony). You can Google him and see for yourself.

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