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  1. Just had my better half’s 2 nephews at the door for Halloween. Instead of just saying “Trick or Treat”, they both told jokes. They are both 13 and have a wicked sense of humour. Freddie says,

    Q:”What’s the difference between President Trump and an Orangotang?”

    A: “One’s a red haired funny faced ape that sits nitpicking all day, making noises and throwing its shite at people, and the others an Orangotang”.

    And Tommy says,

    Q: “What’s the difference between Hillary Clinton and a Witch? ”

    A: “One’s a haggert old bag that should be burnt alive at the stake, and the others a Witch”.

    Happy Halloween Folks.

      1. Q: Why did the German cross the Rhine?

        A: To occupy France.

        Q: Who wrote, Sperm all over the bedsheets?

        A: Mr Completely.

        Q:Who wrote, The Memoirs of an Indian Cloakroom attendant?

        A: Mahatma Coat.

        Q: Who wrote, The diary of a slack bladdered Saudi Prince?

        A: Sheik M’Willie.

        Q: Who wrote The adventures of a Thai rent boy?

        A: Suki Cocki.

        Q: Who wrote, How to rim young boys?

        A: S. Licker Jnr.

        Q: Who wrote, The adventures of 2 Irish Queers?

        A: Pat McGroin and Phil McCracken.

        P.S It’s still Halloween here. 11.12pm 31st October.

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