French President’s Chef teaches queer Arabs & Israelis rejected by their Families how to cook

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The head chef of the French presidential palace was in Israel on Monday to teach Jewish and Arab gay teens rejected by their families how to cook for themselves.

The 39-year-old chef, who has been working for French presidents at the Elysee Palace for 20 years, visited the Jewish state for the class. “I will teach you simple recipes that you can remake,” Gomez told the kids.

One of those listening intently was a young man from an ultra-Orthodox family who has had no contact with them since he came out at the age of 16. “Meeting this chef is an extraordinary experience,” said the teenager who asked to be named only as “O.”

O lives at Beit Dror, an organisation which supports gay people in Israel, while attending cooking classes at a school in the centre of the country.

Gomez taught the young people to make cannelloni spinach gratin and apple pie. Gomez is taking part for the sixth year in a row in the “So French, So Food” festival in Israel, which brings around 20 prominent French chefs to work with Israeli counterparts.

“Every year I support a charitable cause and put my name at the service of an organization,” Gomez said. He was the youngest person to win the prestigious Meilleur Ouvrier de France award for chefs in 2004, when he was just 25.

“It’s good for them to participate in this workshop. This moment of happiness for these young people is not insignificant,” said Yael Doron, director of Beit Dror. Beit Dror has 14 beds for young people rejected by their families who are homeless and sometimes even forced into prostitution, Doron said. Most come from religious Jewish or Muslim families.

“Beit Dror saved my life,” said an 18-year-old referred to as “L” and wearing ripped jeans and a black T-shirt. His father is Muslim and his mother Christian and he said he was a victim of physical violence during his adolescence. “I don’t believe in religion any more; I believe in myself now,” he said.

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  1. What a fantastic event for an amazingly important project.
    Bringing people together across religion and cultures rather than breaking apart.

  2. This sounds like a great out-reach program to help out the gays for later in life. Wish them good luck on it.

    Now, the chef can tell both Israelis & Arabs after they get all the ingredients together for whatever they’re going to make, that neither “god” had anything to do with their accomplishments and to stop relying on bullshit “religions”* which have no bearing whatsoever with their lives and accomplishments.

    “religions”* = Socio-Political Ideologies, NOT any “gods”

  3. During the course of this class, an Israeli likes an Arab (or visa-versa), would either even attempt any sort of “rendezvous”?

    1. Cooking classes aside, this scenario of forbidden queer (or straight) Palestinian and Israeli love has been the basis for a few great movies.

  4. I can imagine the chef: “I love doing these classes with you guys, because you are so creative that it is more me learning from you than you from me…”

    Nah, this is too cliché, I know gays who are so uncreative that they could not deep-fry dry pasta if their lives depended on it! ;)

    1. “they could not deep-fry dry pasta if their lives depended on it!”

      Or, boil an egg? :-) All kidding aside, cooking is one thing that I’ve found that many gays are either just too lazy to properly learn or, as you said, totally uncreative.

  5. I’ve never liked French cuisine very much – the French will eat anything – they have no self-respect. When they actually settle on normal food, the portions are too small, and most of the sauces are gross.

    The only, and obvious conclusion, is that French cuisine was a plot devised by the Germans to hire traitorous chefs to murder the French royal family by feeding it everything that went bad. Sour cream, Roquefort cheese, whatever went bad or moldy was served to the royals and their guests. Concoctions made from the most disgusting giblets and plant roots were disguised as delicacies. Sadly, instead of poisons, they inadvertently discovered health in the process.

    There is a story about a famous gun-writer, Skeeter Skelton, having dinner with a friend in a high-end Paris restaurant. Skeeter requested a steak. The haughty and arrogant waiter asked “how would monsieur like his steak cooked?” A little put off by the waiter’s attitude, Skeeter replied, “chicken-fried,”

    What the world needs to develop is a Sonoran Mexican noodle, an Oriental cheese, a Middle-Eastern baguette, and an Italian tortilla. If we can do that, we could double the world’s cuisine overnight. World peace would not be far behind.

    1. “the French will eat anything – they have no self-respect.”
      Yes, it’s just so disgusting how all those escargots get eaten by humans. [/s]

      “the portions are too small, and most of the sauces are gross.”
      Because you’re in an overpriced restaurant to begin with?

      A lot of American food that you love and eat (and maybe got fat on?) has roots in French cooking …. as well as Italian, Spanish, British … etc.

      Btw, “Skeeter Skelton” requesting “chicken-fried steak” was probably a Texan with shit on his boots in that high-end Paris restaurant.

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