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  1. I am amazed at chopsticks. The ancient Chinese were prolific engineers – inventing the clock, the magazine fed crossbow, gunpowder, the finest sailing ships in the ancient world, fantastic roads, buildings and tombs The had knives and invented the soup spoon. But somehow the dinner fork completely eluded them. OH – and their farmers had pitchforks – go figure.

    As for this boy, I could suck his dick until that handsome head caved in.

    1. You forgot the longest, highest and most famous WALL of allyou know, what keeps ELUDING Donald Trump (and always will).

      1. The Great Wall of China has been an unqualified success. There is no Mexican or Central American illegal immigration into China. No caravans are on the way, no coyotes engaged in human trafficking.

    2. And I’ll bet that you still haven’t learned how to use chopsticks — you know, since they’re not attached to some gun.

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