What good Sex Ed looks like

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Jansrud is a Norwegian celebrity and the host of the state-funded educational TV series Newton on Norway’s NRK TV. Among other things, Newton aired a segment on puberty featuring Jansrud frankly discussing (and demonstrating) such topics as kissing, masturbation, and how to give a hickey.

The segment begins with Jansrud explaining that puberty “gives you a new body that can make children if you have sex—otherwise known as fucking, screwing, shagging, getting it on, or making love”.  Jansrud then demonstrates where the clitoris and the sensitive nerves on the penis are located, on both live and rubber models.

“Now, what everyone starts with sooner or later, but rarely talks about, stroking your own sex parts. To masturbate,” she says. “Both the clitoris of the girl and the head of the penis on a boy is full of nerves that make it pleasant to touch.”

She then lubricates the vagina before demonstrating penetrative sexual intercourse on the rubber models, as well as how to use a condom. “For it to be pleasant, it’s vital that the vagina be moist enough,” she explains.”For the woman, you also have to rub the clitoris.” Jansrud caps off the segment by showing viewers her pregnant belly. She found out she was pregnant on the air in February, and she plans to turn her pregnancy into a recurring segment on the series in the coming months.

This isn’t the first time that Newton has taken such a frank and educational approach to sex. The series landed in hot water on Facebook when the social network deleted a clip of Jansrud demonstrating where the uterus and fallopian tubes are located on a woman’s body by painting the organs on a naked model’s skin. Another clip showed Jansrud explaining menstruation by filming the blood trickling down a live model’s legs.

Such a straightforward approach to sex education seems to be par for the course in Nordic countries. A few years ago, a Swedish TV children’s cartoon segment featuring a dancing penis and vagina went viral. The video featured the lyrics “Here comes the penis at full pace” and “the vagina is cool, you better believe it, even on an old lady.”

Unsurprisingly, Newton’s segment has been heavily criticized on a handful of foreign blogs, whose writers seem to think the it’s borderline pornographic and prurient. This is despite the fact that Jansrud also touches on such important issues as homosexuality, the age of consent, and the need to use contraceptives. She’s also quick to assure teens that “there’s no need to rush into having sex. It’ll happen soon enough.”

Sex-positive Norwegian commenters are applauding Jansrud for speaking about issues, like masturbation and penetrative sex, so frankly. “Great series, that I wish I would have seen when I was in school!” one commenter wrote, while another chimed in: “I am genuinely proud of the fact that Norway is leading the way here”.

Perhaps other countries should take a page out of Jansrud’s book and take a similarly frank approach to sex ed, or maybe we wouldn’t have things like chlamydia epidemics at public high schools in America to deal with.

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  1. Great video! I too wish I had seen it when I was growing up. But, by GOD, we can’t have this in America! Oh No! Here, we rage against teaching kids about their bodies in school because THAT is up to the parents. Oh yes, remember THOSE talks? Our parents were (and still are) clueless about what we really needed to know.

    Like, when a boy touches girls (Josh Duggar), it’s OK if he says he’s sorry to an imaginary idol in the sky. And when those nasty girls get pregnant, it’s a ‘Gift from God’, even if it was due to rape. But of course, ALL sex is dirty and disgusting and cannot be the subject of discussion, ESPECIALLY if it’s about those spawn-of-Satan queers, fags, lesbians and other perverts.

    So kiddies, when it comes to sex, JUST SAY NO! There, problem solved!

  2. “What good Sex Ed looks like”

    I guess I’m not sure I’ll ever know because that site (first link) and therefore any video/text on it refused to load for me. But, the video you showed loaded. Is it the same thing? Hope so.

    The video is a good “first step” in educating about puberty for both. But, I feel it’s still a bit too “childish” or simplistic in its presentation. But, as I said, it’s just adequate for minors under 12. By the time one reaches 12 (at least) in today’s world where very sophisticated video and graphics are now available and at reasonable cost, more “complete” videos should be available for them to see at their desire — it only promotes better sexual education.

    Although this video is definitely better, I have the same sort of feelings about the comparisons of kids’ ages and appropriate visual presentations as I did when you presented the illustrated book about same-sex marriage (I forget the name now). We (at least in the USA, but I think other countries as well — witness this video) still think we have to talk down (“dumb down”) to minors who are entering their teens and puberty to “educate” our future generations.

    The Internet is maturing enough now that when someone (a minor entering puberty, for instance) feels they need an unbiased education/”discussion” about pretty much any topic (assuming they have or can get access at reasonable expense — preferably FREE if possible), they think/know they can get an objective view and education without being forced to think they’re still “too young” or otherwise unable to accept/understand the true facts regarding their curiosity.

    Well, if this video can get more acceptance, then they (and others like here in America {*wink, wink*}) can make more videos or vocal recordings to teach or whatever else can be used for objective education. We need to realize that minors can be/are more intelligent and sophisticated than we might want to admit as “adults.”

  3. In the US we don’t need instructional videos like that. We have Bristol Palin. She is paid over a quarter of a million dollars a year to teach kids that all they need to know is abstinence, the 100% reliable means of birth control. Except for the two times she got pregnant out of wedlock it has always worked for her.

  4. This was a fantastic educational segment. It is so refreshing to see progressive countries at work. Too bad we’ll likely never see anything like it here in the U.S.

    The church ladies heads will explode.

  5. When I hit puberty and adolescence in the early 1960s sex ed was purely clinical, and all about reproduction. The good stuff was taught and learned in the gutter, where it belongs, by older brothers, cousins or friends and where it’s delightfully nasty and exciting and even forbidden. Experience filled in any blanks. And, lo & behold, we had no STD epidemics, pregnancies were rare, sexperimentation between boys was not only common but very, very common, we boys had to swim naked at the YMCA and even in school, so hang-ups and inhibitions were rare, and teen age life was good … great.

  6. Glad they clearly stated the functions and benefits of the foreskin in the video for boys!

    Most American Sex Ed classes pretend all boys are born without a foreskin and “naturally” circumcised! So backward here.

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