Good Girls’ sweet Coming Out

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For some people the prospect of coming out is no longer as grim and scary as it might have been a decade or two ago. But for many it’s still something they dread. One of the best things that can happen to these people is a supportive family. Spoilers for Good Girls ahead.

That’s ehat happened on this week’s episode of NBC’s comedy-drama Good Girls, when Sadie (played by trans actor Isaiah Stannard) came out as a boy to their mum Annie.

“Yay, it’s a boy,” Annie tells Sadie, sharing the news about the birth of their new baby brother. “Mom,” Sadie says in reply. “So am I.”

After Sadie reveals the truth about their gender identity to Annie, Annie crawls in bed with Sadie and gives them a warm, loving hug. “I always wanted a boy,” Annie says, giving Sadie a kiss on the forehead.

It may seem like a short, innocent scene to many, but considering all of the depressing queer representation we’ve seen on TV lately, it’s nice to see positive representation of a trans kid being accepted for who they are—and acted out by an actual trans actor, no less!

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  1. Sweet scene, and it’s great to see that the new generations coming out of New York are nothing like the older ones who think they rule the world: Congrats to Isaiah and his bright future.

  2. “For some people the prospect of coming out is no longer as grim and scary as it might have been a decade or two ago.”

    Stop confusing what’s on a TV show or in a movie, and get back to the realities of life — like, for example EVERYWHERE outside of a large urban/suburban area.

    1. My dearest, sweetest, most loving, forgiving and humble Penboy, you’re such an elitist liberal, deciding arbitrarily, and collectively how everyone else, everywhere else, thinks and acts. Please resist your liberal proclivities, and grant us the courtesy, and dignity, of seeing each of us as unique individuals, not automatically clustered together in some pre-conceived, politically defined group.

      There are lots of differences between seemingly like-minded individuals, and it is erroneous to reflectively ascribe common traits to everyone you have arbitrarily categorized. Except to elitist liberals, who really all do seem to think alike about the rest of us. Go figure.

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