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  1. Sperm should appear on the government’s food pyramid, with a generous recommended daily allowance.

    We can only dream that in a fully evolved future society, men and boys will all be clean, slender and fit, and will abandon useless traditions like saying ‘hello’ and shaking hands, and instead greet each other by exchanging blowjobs.

    1. “Greek yogurt. Lovely with a spoonful of honey.”

      I always like it with a bit of fruit in it as well … raspberries, blackberries, blueberries [not to be confused with blue balls], and maybe some peaches as well [not the same way as in Call Me By Your Name ]. :-)

  2. Haha, I love this. :D

    Good boys swallow, but they first show their catch. Just like this boy. XD

  3. Good Boys milkboys 2018-07-09 Art …
    — Certain, or, some, boys swallow.
    — Some boys go through the oral take and also swallow.
    — The take in and the swallow of the male eject often causes diarrhea.
    — The oral insert is for many a power thing, Of one over another. The gagging and gurgling and throat pain is irrelevant to the powerful. Or, such is more evocative / exciting.
    — Much HOMO behavior is noo more than regular than STRAIGHT.

    1. “The take in and the swallow of the male eject often causes diarrhea.”

      Where did you come up with that craziness/stupidity?

      1. Get that from gastro-abdominal and end of life procedure people. Please read that IT is WRIT as ”often”, no guarantee. Do experience this personally. Be aware that the male sexual ejecta also has fluids merely inclusive of sperm. The female ejecta as spasm is not also non-reacting to the sucker of such, nor are such fluids not always not skin invasive (the skin permeable to…).
        — HTLV-III virus is of such human effect is of knowledge since 1933, in Africa, exact year not knowable. Millions dead til ”discovery” 1980. HTLV-III is NOT a GAY nor HOMO virus.
        — More Africans, among others, die of malaria, but, that is another issue.

      1. You do successfully run here. Your runnings are not yet at their end … y ♪♫❦☺☮

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