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  1. Pop stars are sure getting young looking these days. Considering pop used to be about sex sells, its pretty ironic! I’m sure being that cute he’ll go far.

  2. I think the reason he was removed early is because before the show even started he had a fan page… He also looks a lot like Romeo Beckham and was the favourite to win the show. News reported that the winner might have already been chosen.
    Stuff like that probably ruined his chances. However he did end up touring with The Voice Kids and all.

    1. All of these Fremantle style ‘reality’ shows are all fixed. If you have a DVR you can freeze on the disclaimer at the end of each show which says clearly that the producers determine all winners and losers and that votes are tabulated for trend purposes only.

  3. Beautiful kid. Singing voice – not so much. Bad song choice. And the hat’s got to go. I DESPISE that wool hat look indoors or in warm wether almost as much as I do Porkpie hats and fedoras. But still a very cute boy.

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