The Gender Spectrum finally becomes Mainstream

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Young people are more likely to believe gender exists on a spectrum, according to a new study. 1,000 Americans aged 18 to 34 were surveyed on gender, with half believing the binary categories of male and female are too limiting.

They were asked: ‘Some countries, including India, recognize a gender that is neither male nor female. Which more closely aligns with your view?’ Options were ‘There are only two genders, male and female’, which in total received 46% support, ‘Gender is a spectrum, and some people fall outside conventional categories’, which received 50%, and 4% answered ‘Don’t know’.

The poll found 57% of female millenials believe gender falls on a spectrum compared to 44% of male respondees. Northeast 18-34 year olds were even more progressive, with 58% agreeing with that statement compared to the South where that number fell to 42%.

The survey comes as more people are coming out as genderfluid and genderqueer, universities offering gender-neutral identity cards & housing options that include ‘other gender-identity room-mate pairings, regardless of biological sex’ and gender-neutral restrooms becoming more and more common.

via Gay Star News, photos by Thiago Antonucci

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  1. Regardless of people having an opinion on gender, or feeling that the labels ascribed are too limiting and need to be broader, the fundamental physiology of mankind (and almost every other species) is male and female. Having said that, I’m a guy who loves cock and pussy equally!

    1. I’m a gay guy who doesn’t really mind if a guy has a cock or a pussy or a cock that was not formed naturally, so.

  2. Saw a picture taken in a nudist camp. There were these girls that were with other girls and absolutely looked like girls. Very feminine faces and long hair, except… Except that they had a penis. This is here I realized what happens when people see that. The brain refuses to register what is seen. It tries to make sense of something that doesn’t correlate with “something” that shouldn’t be there. Bigotry is refusing to understand that all isn’t always as it seems. Still, it does make one think about where homophobia and why not transgenderphobia comes from. It’s not only a religious thing it’s based upon deeply rooted human psyche.

    P.S.= This means Milkboys is back?

  3. It’s not about ___phobia. Nobody’s afraid, nobody’s hating. Just not buying it. I’m all in for mainstreaming homosexuality, bisexuality, try-sexuality, effeminate boys and masculine babes, all of that, but unless you’re born a hermaphrodite, sorry, there are but 2 genders. Lots of different orientations, attitudes and preferences, but genderfluidity and the gender ‘spectrum’ are mental health issues. Go ahead, kick my ass – anyone game for the lighter shades of gray?

      1. @Jacob

        Thank you, very well said.


        Not a phobia? How about desorientation? Ever been in one of those rooms where you fell you can’t stand up straight? No, not in a bar! In a circus fun house. The eye is tricked into seeing the a crooked line as true vertical. The brain tries to compensate. That’s what happens with body parts not matching “as they should”. We are raised to believe that gender is an absolute and any deviation is unacceptable. A big breasted woman with a penis shouldn’t exist, right?

        I could go on with other examples but how many times have women been murdered because they had one body part “wrong”? The phobia is not really about the other guy it’s about one’s own perception of manhood or womanhood. Imagine the horror of learning you were attracted to the wrong kind of body/person. For a crucial moment it was challenged, if only in the mind of that person.

      2. That’s the thing though. Activism and ideological discourse seem to make no distinction between sexual orientation, sexual identity and sex. When one mentions gender in general, people can interpret it as meaning sex or sexual identity or both. According to APA ( gender does refer to the socially constructed universe swirling around somebody’s sex. Still, originally the term gender actually meant the biological sex itself.

        In order to avoid a semantic dilemma, I would suggest underlining the difference between ‘identity’ (which is ultimately subjective), sex (which is ultimately objective), and gender (which is ultimately arbitrary). Furthermore, in order to avoid risking an exclusively constructivist stance over political correctness, I would personally admit ‘sexual identity’ to be open to an infinite number of configurations, but ‘sex’ itself to be –while non-binary– limited to finite possibilities. Discussions on gender could benefit from taking these differences into account.

  4. Each of us is born XX or XY, with certain physical bumps. externalities, and internal realities. Not all are the same in either case. ALL sex is on those basics reals. As we grow up, we create, recreate, and super create social realities. You can not have sex other than with what you are born with. There are those who get to figure alcohol, heroin, and other things are more than sex and better than sex. There are those who figure they are other than their birth physicality. So be it. People do create boy, girl, and others. People do create nan, woman, and others. As it comes to being horny, only a few possibilities exist. However some physically alter their physical, there is only the XX and XY. How any one does get off from the horny, there is that fact. Realize that not all people are the same, whether XX or XY. Peculiarities, Oddities, and Differentia are as real as the weather. BUT, c e r t a I n things cannot be of alter. Like it or not.

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