Gen Z is queer AF

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A recent Gallup poll has revealed that young adults are even queerer than you’d think — and right-wing politicians are terrified. A newly published survey conducted in 2022 of over 10,000 adults in the U.S. revealed that an approximate 7.2% of those surveyed identify as LGBTQ+ across all age groups.

When you zero in on Gen Z (specified as young adults born between 1997 and 2004), a whopping 19.7% self-identified as LGBTQ+. That’s right; there was 1 queer young adult for about every 5 Gen Z respondents surveyed.

This is a remarkable uptick from surveys of this kind taken in the past, even as recently as the 2010s. Gallup information from 2017 put the national estimate of LGBTQ+ adults as low as 4.5% (though the number of Gen Z adults at the time was likely too low to draw conclusion from).

The conversation of the exponential rise in LGBTQ+ youth always brings with it accusations of young people simply following a trend. The common rebuttal for this is a comparison to the rates of left-handed people skyrocketing in the 20th century as being left-handed stopped being forcibly trained out of children over time. Shockingly, when people start being abused less for having a trait, more of them openly express that trait!

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  1. I’ve said for years now that in any modern society, the LGBTQ population is much closer to …. easily 25%, possibly even close to 30%.

    What most people don’t understand/realize that when they do these polls, the ages are in certain groups. What age groups are NOT being asked?

    Let’s start with the young — ages 8-16 (at least). Many of this group if they wouldn’t “get into any trouble” would identify as somewhat, if not mostly, gay. When did YOU realize that you actually prefer to look at, be around, and be personal friends with same gender/sex? If you’re honest with yourself, you’ll probably respond, 12 yrs old or even much younger.

    The next age group is between 16-22. SOME are asked, but MOST AREN’T. There’s a huge number of LGBTQ ‘s that, at the very least, experiment with same gender/sex all through that category.

    Age group of over 60. Similar to 16-22 as A FEW are asked, but MOST AREN’T. There are plenty of LGBTQ ‘s in this group with the added ones who now tire of the opposite gender/sex they sought out and were with throughout their productive lives.

    As you can see, there are MILLIONS (depending on the society) who simply aren’t asked/counted.

    But you’ll still have your head in the sand with believing in a government’s or religious’ claims that gays are only still around, what? 5%? 10? Maybe generous at 15% That is pure bullshit.

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