Spanish Nazi party tries to show how scary gays are, accidentally creates adorable queer mascot

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Spain elected a new parliament a few days ago and while the socialists won by a big margin there is also reason for concern: Vox, a (very) far-right party made it into the parliament for the first time with more than 10% of the vote, gaining 24 of the 350 seats.

Among many other shitty opinions Vox is, of course, extremely anti-queer. In an attempt to rally their supporters to “defend Spain” they posted a hastily put-together image showing a Lord of the Rings character representing Spain in the fight against evil.

None of these bogeymen were a surprise but the way they decided to represent queer people stood out because whichever intern was tasked with finding a symbol to show how scary The Gays™ are did a terrible job and picked the most adorable little ghost (probably from this artist).

Queer folks in Spain promptly adopted and reclaimed the lil spook. They named him Gaysper (personally I would have voted for Rainboo) and it didn’t take long until the memes started flooding social media. He even got his own Twitter account.

Gaysper: They’re afraid of me because I’m a ghost. Right, mom?
Mom-sper: No, my darling.
Mom-sper: They’re afraid of you because you’re free.
Gaysper: ✨


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      Might help to do an advanced search in Google that’s restricted to Spanish language sites too…

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