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“Australia is in the midst of a gayby-boom. Twenty-four percent of gay and lesbian couples are now raising a child and their queer spawn are invisibly roaming Australian streets and schools.

In the 70s and 80s, when same-sex marriage and IVF for lesbian mothers was just a pipe dream, some decided not to wait on progress, but to create it. These first generation gaybies have grown-up, and together with an increasing number of gayby children they’re a cultural phenomenon we know nothing about. Who are they? And what is it like to grow up with same-sex parents?

While most kids are grappling with the idea of Man + Woman = Baby, gaybies are fluent in IVF technologies. They are well versed on how to hide their families, see a very different side to sexual discrimination, and it is largely unrecognized that gaybies have to ‘come out’ too. The documentary will explore what our schools are teaching kids about “family”, what exactly is a ‘father figure’ and are they important? And how does a teenager complain about their parents when they’re always trying to prove their family has a right to exist?

Gayby Baby will follow the newest generation of gaybies as they speak openly about their woes and passions; what’s great about their family, and whats not. For some of them, being a gayby doesn’t matter at all, while for others its, at times an uncomfortable reality.”

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  1. First of all I hate that god damn term, “gayby”. Now I understand why so many were outraged by the term “synthetic baby”.

    Now who’s the first retard willing to go after me for pointing out that a kid actually says a priest is teaching intolerance and homophobia?

  2. I was always so happy that I knew that I would never get married, and I would never have children. It was the gay bonus to me. I guess it turns out that I just don’t like kids and hate the institution of marriage no matter what.

    1. I mean, wasn’t that obvious? What does being gay have to do with not getting married and not having kids? Coming out never felt like that mean’t giving that up. Alternatively I know straight couples who are in their 50’s and are not married and never had kids.

  3. Gaybies will have to tough it out, just as kids always have as the concept of ‘family’ evolves around them. Children of unwed mothers were bastards (talk about sins of the fathers falling on their children), and for their parent’s indiscretion, were denied legitimacy in law and society. Children of divorced parents bore that stigma. Children of mixed race have always had it tough, especially in war zones where soldiers tended to knock up whatever females were available. The kids of black American GIs and Vietnamese women have had an especially tough time. And so on. Basically, anyone born or raised outside the ‘norm’ will forever have some splainin’ to do. Se la vie.

    So, little Johnnie and little Suzy, hang in there. At least you weren’t aborted.

  4. Great, another way for people to section themselves off from society and complain they have it rough. So your family life isn’t normal… stop whining and get over it, normal doesn’t exist.

    And I’d certainly glad I’m not the child of a same sex couple, cause I’d have to resist a VERY strong urge to break the nose of anyone I heard using the term “gayby” if I was…and I have a feeling the will to resist wouldn’t last near as long as idiots that insist on using the term.

  5. First, thanks for posting this as a thread (and the credit!). I didn’t know (and expect) that my post was a “submission” to you. But, hey, if it gets attention, all the better. :-))

    “Australia is in the midst of a gayby-boom. Twenty-four percent of gay and lesbian couples are now raising a child and their queer spawn are invisibly roaming Australian streets and schools.”

    I just wonder how many of these same “type” of children (and maybe adults by now) are in the USA and for that matter, other countries like England and other Euro countries, even throughout Asian and South America.

    1. He’s adorable. “A donor is when a man delivers spam into the hospital into a little container and they freeze it so it’s all fresh …”

      Yes, I definitely think many men deliver spam ….. so we definitely need a spam filter! :-))

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