Gay Test Spyware… WTF?

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Well, this is just a wee bit creepy. A new spyware company claims it can help parents determine whether their son is gay.

The company Fireworld recently posted an article, along with a picture of actor Colton Haynes, to its French website claiming it has software that can help uncover “clues” that might indicate whether one’s son is a homosexual.

The list includes: He’s shy, he loves diva singers, his hygiene is impeccable, he pays close attention to his attire, he’s never been on a date with a girl, he’s not into in football, and he has a piecing in either his right ear, eyebrow, or lip.

Parents who suspect their son might be gay are being encouraged to download the spyware ASAP and then hack into their child’s computer or phone to discover “your son’s orientation as quickly as possible.”

The website urges:

You will simply install a special program on your son’s computer. This will then start to monitor the entire activity of the PC. For example, to go back the history of the websites visited, everything that has been typed on the keyboard, even recover the passwords.

The spyware specifically scans for any visits to “gay forums.” It also analyzes his personal Facebook profile to see if he’s messaged “other gay boys.”

If that’s not creepy enough, the site continues:

If  your son is gay you may never be grandparents and you will not have the happiness of knowing your grandchildren. Unfortunately, on this point you must not be selfish. If your child is gay, he can not help because it is not a choice on his part.

The company says even if a your son is gay, you should  “accept him as he is.” It also states that spying on a computer other than your own without permission is technically illegal, but there are some instances where it “may be legal.”

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  1. This is a religious lunatic’s dream-come-true. They will sell over 10,000,000 of those in the U.S.A. alone — guaranteed. And with the lunatic pig Trump in our White House, who knows which and how many of our “leaders” will opt for this on their COMPANIES’ COMPUTERS.

    What’s worse than 1984?

    And, the “lord” has nothing to do with this bullshit./i>

  2. Same old left wing thought police, always worried what fun people maybe having.

    As for the previous lunatic pig’s post, do you libtard’s not realise; get rid of Trumpton, who is basically just a harmless loony, you get the real anti-freedom nutjob in. He won’t just spy on you gayboiz, he’ll burn the queer right out of you !

    1. “Same old left wing thought police, always worried what fun people maybe having.”

      Just to show how absolutely stupid you are, this software isn’t “left wing” — but you’re too stupid to understand the difference between them.

      And the use of “libtard” again proves how stupid you really are.

      1. I don’t usually reply to your ill-informed dribblings but in a probably vain attempt to educate you, La Belle France has had a very left wing government since 2012.

        1. This isn’t a government program though. It’s a private company. Your “educational” information is entirely irrelevant.

      2. He didn’t actually call the software ‘left wing’ he said the reaction by left wing people (libtards) in the past to various things be frankly ridiculous and exaggerated.

  3. “If your son is gay you may never be grandparents and you will not have the happiness of knowing your grandchildren. Unfortunately, on this point you must not be selfish. If your child is gay, he can not help because it is not a choice on his part.”

    ~So their are no gay girls? Probably their next project…

  4. I suppose if they thought he was gay and they found he was watching women being raped by a horse they would breathe a sigh of relief? Most religious nuts would sooner have their 12 year old sons kill babies than kiss a boy.

    1. You don’t know how true that is. The father of the Yorkshire Ripper, who disemboweled his victims and wrapped their intestines around their necks, proudly declared he knew no son or his could be a poof.

  5. Think this is bad? Wait until the lab rats in white coats with thick black taped glasses, clipboards and pocket protectors finally ‘prove’ homosexuality isn’t a lifestyle choice but a genetic ‘defect’ that they can diagnose in the womb, tweak your genes, and, Lo & Behold, ‘fix’ you up good and straight before birth. Can you say, “mass extinction event?”

    Be careful what you wish for. If you’re gay by choice, in a free country, there’s not much they can do about that. Between enlightened legislatures and the courts, we’re now 95% free and closing in on the rest. But if science says it’s nature not nurture, here comes Dr. Frankenstein with his bag of tricks. Or would that be Dr. Moreau?

    1. Cave men knew more about sexuality that you do, Horsemouth. Tossing around ‘homosexuality’ and ‘gay’ interchangably, on a site devoted to boys! Most men have the capacity to be attracted simultaneously to women and to early adolescent boys. There’s no gene for that. As for males who are feminine and also attracted to men, it’s never really been about genes, but the evidence seems to point to prenatal exposure to testosterone. Perhaps one day, that would become controllable by medical intervention, who knows – which would produce fewer intersex people, fewer lesbians, fewer feminine gay men. But most men will still like boys and women…

      1. Wordsworth,

        What you say is very true. I’m 29 and femmie and look younger. Now when I was 13 and femmie, my arse didn’t know what a holiday was. At an all male school and home most boys were straight. It didn’t stop them depositing the contents of their bollocks up my love shute. They still wolfwhistled women and girls when they were 13 or so. Most of them got the same answer, “Come back when your balls drop”. If only they knew what they were like they would have dropped their knickers in a flash. Me and 3 other femmie boys in a out of the way place with over 65 boys between 12 and 18. It’s a wonder me and the other 3 didn’t need corrective surgery. We all 4 girly boys were, what was locally called, “Dirty wee hoors”. (Whores).

  6. How is it “hacking” onto the phone or computer when the parent most likely bought it and pays all bills associated with it?

    I don’t agree with the software or what it does, but until the kid’s paying their own way, the parents get to decide that is and is not on the device.

    1. Agree about the use of “hacking” – rarely has any other word been so misused. Prefixing “cyber-” to anything computer-related is another bête noire.

      But someone installing this on a child’s computer is no parent.

      1. “But someone installing this on a child’s computer is no parent.”

        You obviously have no idea of the level of censorship lunatic religious parent(s) would/will resort to to control their child’s [sexual] thinking abilities.

          1. No, I got the point. It’s clear YOU didn’t get MY point — or even Sixle’s, for that matter.

            We (in America) have some super-fucked-up parents here because of their stupid “religion.” Sixle was referring to PARENTS putting this on their children’s computer(s) and saying “it’s not ‘hacking’ if THEY do it.”

            You might want to extend your English comprehension.

    2. Sixle:

      Are you secretly working with V.P. Pence? A teen of say, 14 or even 16 and older doesn’t merit any privacy? You would want a parent spying or walking in on a teen of those years while he’s masturbating?

      Good thing you’re gay … or gay leaning bisexual … You’d make a terrible parent … just like one I left home against (way back then).

      1. Is it OK if I spy or walk in on a teen of those years while he’s masturbating? Pleeeeeze?

      2. I refuse converse, argue, or debate with someone that has repeatedly demonstrated they have no common sense….or any other kind.

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