Gay Parents aren’t bad for Kids, Discrimination is

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Those who oppose gay rights spend a lot of time worrying about how being raised by same-sex parents will damage kids. A new study found that children of homosexual parents are more likely to face hardships, but mainly because the law still discriminates against their families, not because same-sex couples are inherently incapable of raising a child. Shocking, right?

The report by several gay rights groups, including the Movement Advancement Project, Family Equality Council and Center for American Progress, found that children of gay parents are just as healthy and well-adjusted as those raised by heterosexual parents. The study estimates that there are 2 million children being raised by same-sex parents, and they live in 96% of U.S. counties. However, families with homosexual parents are more likely to live in poverty, and they face other unique situations that can add stress to their lives.

Since the federal government in the U.S. doesn’t recognise gay unions, same-sex parents pay more in taxes, have higher health insurance costs, and aren’t allowed to participate in many government programs for families. Plus, since some states don’t allow gay adoptions, one parent may not have any legal ties to the child they raise. That means that parents can lose custody or visitation rights, and don’t have the ability to make health decisions for their child.

When faced with these facts, groups that oppose gay rights had an interesting reaction. Maggie Gallagher of the National Organization for Marriage told Reuters that the best way to protect kids is to pass federal legislation against gay marriage, because allowing only marriage between one man and one woman ensures kids will be raised by a mother and a father. So according to Gallagher, we can prevent discrimination against children of same-sex parents by getting rid of same-sex parents. Or, you know, we could just change the laws to be more inclusive of all families and have everyone agree to stop behaving like bigoted asshats.

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  1. The time is RIGHT NOW for a “reverse” activism to denounce COMPLETELY any and all religious parents for their beliefs and FORCING that absolute BULLSHIT into the minds of all their children. We now have the organizations and they have enough resources to start and maintain an active campaign against religion in households — and new FEDERAL legislation to make it ILLEGAL to have children in churches before the age of 16 years (I’d personally prefer 18, at the youngest, or even more preferably, 21) for any purpose of “spreading the word.” The ONLY EXCEPTIONS would be food and shelter.

    It is PURE CHILD ABUSE to FORCE that BULLSHIT into a young person’s mind — emotional as well as psychological — especially the stupid concept of “eternal hell.” We need to start prosecuting “evangelical” parents and a mandatory sentence would be no less than making them PAY for their own prosecutions — take a nice chunk of their money, and they’ll stop that BULLSHIT with their children.

    And then you’ll discover very quickly how soon “religions” can and will DIE OUT. “Ironically,” it’s their very own supported asshole, Donald Trump, who has made this the right time to pursue this — his crassness has now allowed the worst to be said PUBLICLY about “god” and “religions.”

  2. Not sure of the date of this article, but note that since 2015 the US Federal Government does recognize same-sex marriages and in fact requires all states to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples

    1. Too simplistic.
      That is impossible to achieve.

      And out of all other possible parenting circumstances – are you saying having two same sex parents is bad for a child?

    2. A “right”?

      When do you think this right applies and what is the remedy?

      For example:
      1. One parent is deceased. Is the other parent “required” to find another parent in order to fulfill the child’s right?
      2. One parent is terribly abusive to the child; does the child’s right to the two parents supersede the right to be treated well?
      3. A child is an orphan and is adopted by the child’s grandmother. Alas, she is widowed. Has the child’s right been abrogated?

      You get the idea; the list could go on.

    3. No.
      Each child has the right to be raised in a safe, loving and nurturing environment.
      The sex and sexual orientation of the parent(s) is irrelevant.

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