Gay teen slaps the homophobia out of his cowardly bully

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High school student Jordan Steffy was bullied by homophobes at his school since 2nd grade. This week he decided that he had enough and fought back when a classmate called him a faggot.

He posted a video in which the bully can be heard throwing the slur at Jordan while trying to physically intimidate him (and being almost comically incompetent at it) before Jordan gives him a pretty good slap.

Another video of the incident, which you can see below, was watched almost seven million times within three days. You can hear the bully say “don’t fucking put your hands on me faggot.” After attempting to slap the homophobia out of him, Jordan warns him to not call him that word again.

According to Jordan both him and the bully were suspended by the school. Jordan’s mum defended him for standing up for himself and decided to look into homeschooling because she believes the school handled the situation poorly by letting the bullying going on for years and then punishing Jordan for eventually fighting back.

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  1. Lazy Sunday breakfast here
    And then I saw this 😂

    At last … a real American. (There are still a few)
    ‘Ahm gonna pop your ass’

    As good and beautiful as a bit of Shakespeare
    It’s not what you say but how you say it…..

  2. The bully is going to look quite the fool when he admits that he is secretly in love with Jordan and really just wants to have make-up kisses. Got to admit that they will make a fine looking couple.

  3. Slaps are a pretty gay weapon, in all meanings of “pretty” and “gay”… ;)
    Good for Jordan, he now has an international following of potential boyfriends, compared to his classmate who can now only count on a few local Baptist girls.

    1. In the video and clearly in the pics above you can see his fist closed before and after the strike. Not a slap at all. Maximum power super wide roundhouse swing that connected. Nearly knocked the other guy off his feet – saved only by staggering against the desks for support.

      There are full videos of the incident. He further went on to give the guy a right good pummelling.
      A feel good start to the day.

  4. When have to defend this self do end up in the office to defend the self against the assailant now an accuser. No one bothers I school again. But the school acuses of violence the yhis the defender. Do not bother to defend others. Am a coward. They make me.
    — This video looks wrong.

  5. Jordan – f***ing good for you!!!

    I, too, was bullied, back in the 70’s, when being outed as gay was genuinely life-threatening. The bullying stopped after I fought back, for the first time in my life! I still fight back now, but after many years of martial arts, and more than a few times of having to use it outside the Dojo, I no longer have live in fear! I think Shakespeare got it right when he wrote words to the effect of: a coward dies a thousand times, but the valiant only once!

    Again I say, Jordan – f***ing good for you!!!

  6. Good for Jordan. If that teacher wasn’t suspended I hope his family sues the fuck out of that school. I’m guessing its a “let boys work it out” type of teacher.

  7. And once again a teacher and the admin above them prove their own bigotry by refusing to act until one fights back. The more things change, the more they remain the same.

  8. I had the same thing happen to me in eighth grade. I stopped the bully the same way as Jordan, with the same outcome. I only regret that I waited so long to hit the little bastard.

  9. You go Jordan!
    I still advocate the learning of martial arts for gay teens, and then getting a CCW permit and carrying when reaching 21.
    Don’t be a victim!

  10. I didn’t realize that you can assault someone just because they called you a name, even a curse word. Yes, they can be charged with disturbing the peace or something if they curse and don’t stop after you ask them to stop. Yes, you can defend yourself preemptively if they make a credible threat of immediate violence but I don’t know that was present in this situation. I hope people don’t emulate this video, even if it seems gratifying.

    1. Fortune favors the bold, he who hesitates is lost.

      It appears that the bully had attempted an intimidation, provocation enough to earn him a slap in the face. Suffering from, learning from, and growing from the innate cruelty and insensitivity of youth is, sadly, an intrinsic part of growing up. Nevertheless, Jordan’s family should sue the bully’s family, and the school district for all they can get.

    2. We don’t know the history but can easily assume and it find it more than plausible for the bully kid to have caused significant hurt over some considerable time prior to the showdown.
      The boy Jordan does say ‘I’m done with you’ thus it’s logical to believe in his recent aquired resolve to never again accept pain from such bully people.

      I do think his actions justified.

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