Gay Goth Scene

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Gay Goth Scene is a sobering look at anti-gay bullying. In an interview  the band described Gay Goth Scene like this: “The song is in a minor key with an apocalyptic ending; was inspired by the idea of youth and forbidden love; and describes a fictional ‘scene’ that only exists in the mind of the protagonist’s paranoid parents. It’s told from the perspective of a mother and father, chastising their teen son about his newfound romance.”

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  1. School is actually a form of child abuse, it really blows my mind that people tolerate this stuff. :(

  2. The song and video are still as moving as over 5 years ago. Best Canadian gay band! Well, not sure if they’ll still be best, or Canadian, or gay, or a band, now that its founder Joel Gibb moved to Berlin! ;)

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