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  1. As full of bull ♨ as any str8 trash talk … BEFORE drinks and other drugs. Do note from this that THE initial issue here is about homosexuality AND ALSO about alcohol, beer The specialty is about a name of a beer. Not all are apt to notice the pretending ignorance of the group “monitor/r”. IF THIS IS A FOR REAL — we see and hear a manster monster 🙈 You get the meaning, The guys in the room seem too off to be real, Do like young guys and thesis a guy who seems to hate young queers. ? LIAR LIAR PANTS ON FIRE … more than suspect : 👻🍸

  2. That was fun, thank you.
    Talking about comedy & satyre, I can’t figure out why the hilarious Slaughterhouse Rulez with the still insanely hot Asa Butterfield got such poor ratings. Too British for these sad people, maybe? I can well see it becoming a cult movie over the years.

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