Gay men are increasingly voting for the politicians who despise them

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 Gay men in n Western countries are increasingly voting against their own interests–and throw other minorities under the bus in the process.

In last year’s U.S. midterm elections, 82% of queer voters voted for the Democrats, America’s more pro-queer political party. But in many other Western countries “right-wing and virulently homophobic parties enjoy considerable support among gay voters,” says Samuel Huneke, a gay historian at Stanford University who studies modern European culture.

Huneke looked at voting data from 14 elections in five Western countries — the US, UK, France, Germany and Brazil — and then published a recent article on the troubling phenomenon. It it, Huneke observed:

“LGBT voters in other countries were less likely to support the conservative (or in some cases far-right) party by an average of only seven percent. And when you look only at gay men, the results are even more striking. In other countries, gay men were, on average, more likely than the general electorate to support the conservative or far-right party.”

For example, a 2015 French poll showed 26% of gay and bisexual male voters supporting Marine Le Pen, the anti-gay politician with the far-right National Front party — only 16% of straight voters supported Le Pen. That same year, 38% of gay male couples voted for Le Pen’s party whereas only 29% of straight couples did the same.

Huneke notes that in France and Brazil’s run-off presidential elections, the far-right politicians in each of those two-person races each received a substantial fraction of the gay male vote. In the UK, 26% of queer voters supported the Conservative Party.

This isn’t a formal study and Huneke states that the polling around this issue is slim, so we can’t draw overarching conclusions. For example, in Germany, Huneke admits the picture is hazier: Only 2.7% of queer voters supported Germany’s far-right, homophobic party Alternative for Germany (AfD).

But even still, Huneke thinks that when gay men are studied as an individual group, substantial numbers of them vote right-ward. He says this isn’t true in America where the GOP’s longstanding opposition to HIV-related healthcare, marriage equality and other queer civil rights have driven majorities of gay voters into the Democratic tent. But in other Western countries lacking the same two-party system of villains and heroes, the gay vote doesn’t always lean left.

“Gay politics in other countries prove that LGBT people — especially gay men — are not inherently progressive voters. Give them the chance and they will vote for xenophobia, for racism, and for misogyny. Democrats (and progressive parties in other countries, for that matter) cannot and must not take the gay vote for granted,” Huneke concludes.

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  1. I will vote for “right wing” parties as long as necessary. All policies can be reversed, what can’t be reversed is the complete transformation of a society. This immigration bullshit needs to stop, I don’t need more Islam here. In the old days the left knew that importing cheap labor is a bad thing for a social democracy. I also remember them being anti-religious, now I they celebrate the incarceration of women in cages #World_Hijab_Day…
    Sorry, but if you are gay and you are okay with this third world importation of socialdestructive people you are retarded. Normal gay people just don’t wanna life in a Islamic society, a shocker, I know.
    But everything goes, as long as it serves the purpose of extinguishing the native population.

    1. You want me to vote for a “pro-gay” party, than give me that alternative, till then. I know my interests and I have the mental capacity to rank them accordingly to their importance. The left doesn’t want that, they use gay rights, as a gateway for mass-immigration and Islamization.

  2. The problem is that left are thinking that gay and queer people owe them everything. It is not this way. There are as many lefts, centrists, and rights among gay and queer people as there is generally in the society.
    Being gay does not make anyone antireligious nor left thinking. Otherwise there wouldn’t be any gay friendly churches etc.

  3. The author of this article seems to be saying that gay rights are the only thing LGBT people should consider when choosing who they’re going to vote for… and that’s just plain stupid.

    It does no good voting for a “pro gay” candidate if they bankrupt the country with irresponsible spending, have policies that tank the economy, alienate our allies, etc… Heck, if I followed the advice of this person all it would take to get me to vote for Trump would be for him to extend hate crime protection to trans folk and make it easier for gay men to adopt babies…

    Of course where a candidate stands on gay rights is an important consideration, but it’s FAR from the only one.

  4. My first question is what countries have a tick box on the ballot paper for you to identify as gay or straight? It just lends further weight to the civil liberties we’ve all relinquished under “left wing” governments (looking at you Obama and Blair specifically). The UK was one step away from biometric ID cards under the last left wing Labour government, following one of the most intrusive Census papers ever issued that wanted sexuality declared.

    The same left wing government who wouldn’t support gay marriage but designed civil unions which were slightly watered down equivalents. It was the right wing Conservative party that tore up the thinking on civil partnerships and decided it was equality or nothing and legalised gay marriage. Oh and the right wing Conservatives that abolished the biometric ID card programme. Oh and abolished any future Censuses. So yes, voting right wing to me protects my rights and a bit more of my privacy than had the left won again in 2010.

    Looking at our current left wing opposition – Jeremy Corbin – someone who still thinks Venezuela is a pillar of socialism success, counts Hamas members as “friends” and whose right hand man John McDonnell quotes from chairman mao’s little red book in our houses of parliament. Like I’m ever going to vote left with that insipid thinking at the helm.

    1. Nevertheless, in England you are locked in to a horrid limited choice of voting for the least toxic of all those Westminster clowns, wankers and arseholes.
      In Scotland we have the luxury of being able to vote SNP who, for all their faults, genuinely care for the country and the people.

  5. What good will it do to vote for a gay friendly party, if they financially ruin the country, or if they welcome homophobic groups in the name of tolerance…

  6. Quote from article: “Gay politics in other countries prove that LGBT people — especially gay men — are not inherently progressive voters. Give them the chance and they will vote for xenophobia, for racism, and for misogyny.”

    Really? Few statements have defined the de-humanizing tyranny of the Left better than this one. If I don’t vote for progressives, I am a xenophobic, racist misogynist? Fuck You, Mr. Huneke.

    This bullshit article is a monument to everything insulting about “identity politics” and how liberals would reduce us all from individuals to ants in a hill, or bees in a hive. I don’t vote my race, my religion, my ethnicity, my sexual orientation or relationship preference, or my economic status. And anyone who does deserves to be considered collectively, and not as an individual.

    As even an adenoidal moron knows, primary elections are for choosing the best person for the job, general elections determine which party will govern. Do not confuse them. People win primaries, Parties win general elections. If the ‘best man for the job’ wins the general, but his party loses, he will be powerless. Vote the “man” in primaries, the “Party” in generals. Simple. Even a caveman can do it.

    I vote for the party whose ideology and platform most closely mirrors the trends and directions I want my country to go in. Trends and directions are reflected in policy decisions. They embrace all the major issues – taxation, the economy and trade, immigration, gun control, civil rights, privacy, energy, property rights, foreign policy, education, the military, abortion, healthcare, and so forth. Do I give more weight to some issues than others? YES. Who doesn’t? Is any one issue a closer or a deal breaker? NO. I have found that the Party that agrees with my position on one issue usually agrees with me on most of them.

    I wish everything in life was as easy as deciding how to vote.

    1. “Is any one issue a closer or a deal breaker? NO. I have found that the Party that agrees with my position on one issue usually agrees with me on most of them. ”

      I wish that would be true for me too, sadly it isn’t. The party I agree with on most issues is also the party I will most likely never vote for. Instead I vote for a party I disagree on almost everything. It isn’t about minor and bigger policy differences anymore, it is a ideology war from the cosmopolitanistic left and the anarcho-no-borders-capitalists on the nation and society.

      1. With today’s vote you dictate no less than the future of your country, and the importance of elections in the future. Because what does it matter how to vote, when your country and society no longer exist anymore?

    2. That quote caught my attention too…. and is a perfect example of why I hate the left every bit as much as I hate the right.

      Unfortunately, in a two party system voting IS stupidly easy…. you just look at which party controls congress and vote for the other one to be president so at least the most extreme policies of both sides are blocked from getting done.

      And if Penboy pops in here and also says something I agree with my head’s gonna explode….

    3. “I vote for the party whose ideology and platform most closely mirrors the trends and directions I want my country to go in”

      And THAT’S WHY you’re so politically fucked up. You seriously want the USA to go FURTHER TO THE RIGHT WITH RELIGION? If you do, you’re seriously MENTALLY ILL.

      1. Penboy, you forget yourself. We’re being moderated and administered by Emilie now, not Josh. There’s a lady present. I know you were raised right, so be a good Gentleman. Thanks.

  7. “Gay politics in other countries prove that LGBT people — especially gay men — are not inherently progressive voters. Give them the chance and they will vote for xenophobia, for racism, and for misogyny”

    Such a statement is pure bigotry, and flies in the fact of reality. Further, it assumes that there’s something good about progressivism, as it exists today. There isn’t.

    Gay people aren’t just gay. We have a sex. We have a race. We have careers or aspirations. We have families. We have values. We live in real, physical communities (plural) not the so-called “LGBT community”.

    The fact is, the left only sees us as sets of genitalia to trot out whenever we’re convenient, and to toss aside when we get too pushy (or too white, or too male, or too biological, or in the USA too atheist).

    There are many good reasons to vote for parties of the right, and, where greater choice is offered, for libertarian parties of the center.

  8. When the word “fuck” becomes a word in a regular dictionary (1968, AMERICAN HERITAGE) and the Hippies grow older, we see money differently too. As one street walker says to this as am also street walking, we all pay for all of this one way or another (1990, Eight Mile Road and Woodward Avenue in Detroit, Michigan). End this street walking. LIAR. Such really ends in 1999 elsewhere.

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