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  1. Very impressive. It’s ideal that people may decide themselves about their preferences. They’re the ones who want to live. But… There’s a little problem. If God makes someone gay, why he asks him not to marry with a man? I hope someone like Penboy doesn’t come again with his rushes against me. This is my belief and everyone believes should be respected as you say. One of these are correct and only one of these: God accepts me to marry with a boy. God doesn’t accept me to marry with a boy. This one is what I really need. I’m not sure about whether I born with this feeling about a beautiful boy or not. I tried marrying with a girl, but it didn’t help! Maybe none of you have even tried it. But I tried to obey the God’s command. Let’s think impartially about it. You may say that God didn’t rule us with such a command. I hope so, but if it’s correct, why he exterminated Sodom for what they did? I’m really looking for truth. If you think I’m not correct, just tell me why.

    1. “This is my belief and everyone believes should be respected as you say.”

      NO, I don’t have to respect your stupid beliefs, nor will I, ever. Just like I wouldn’t respect the hiring of a stupid “teacher” in a University, nor should anyone else. That’s exactly what it’s like — school for knowledge being “taught” by stupid, fascists “teachers” DEMANDING all of us accept their STUPIDITY.

      And YOUR “religion” is the epitomy of fascist stupidity.

  2. The imaginary whims and wants of a fictional fella in the sky won’t affect how I live my life.

      1. Go to a different bakery because life is too short for such trivial shit as this.
        And Jaackov there is no all omnipresent, omnipotent being that gives a flying fuck what you do with you genitals or indeed any part of your existence!

        1. Exactly
          It’s trivial….
          Call the person a wanker to their face…
          Walk out and find a much better place.

          I’ve never understood those legal actions trying to force those religious tossers to bake cakes. Tossers don’t change their spots.

  3. What you all must realize about this “gay cake” case is that our Supreme Court only did what they always do regarding anything involving religion: chickenshit out with regards to any of the cases’ merits (i.e., what the cases are really all about) and this one is no exception. Our Supreme Court is LOATHE to rule against religion in any way — simply because to do so would make every one of them look like total idiots because every one of them profess some type of stupid religion.

    No, what they ruled on is simply the fact the Colorado Civil Rights Commission ordered that idiot cake baker to, you know, provide civil rights to everyone which is exactly what they were supposed to do, according to State law. But no, religious idiots can’t accept the most obvious truth about their cults and always play the victim card which is exactly what Masterpiece Cakeshop did — cried legal tears because, again, their Civil Rights Commission ordered them to provide civil rights to ALL their customers. The scapegoat [free gift] in this case is from the Supreme Court by conjuring up an asinine “animus” towards the baker by the Commission. They didn’t show “animus”, they simply instructed them on the actual and CORRECT (secular) LAW and ordered them to, you know, OBEY IT. What the Commission told them wasn’t any “animus,” but simply the truth: religious bullshit doesn’t supercede secular laws.

    Unfortunately, only at the Federal District levels do we get sane judges that recognize the stupidity and hatefulness of religious — and their extreme cultish natures. The best examples of this are the multiple rulings against creationism through the decades [since 1925 in Dayton, Tennessee]. And, if anyone of you think I’m wrong about any of this, I invite you to read the final ruling in the Kitzmiller v. Dover Area School District by a religious, Republican judge appointed by George W. Bush.

  4. In America, the “nones” [of organized religious beliefs] is the SECOND LARGEST SEGMENT OF OUR POPULATION but we “nones” have never been represented in any part of our government that could really make a difference.

    That’s a serious problem. We, by all rights, should have at least 4 justices on the Supreme Court that are part of the “nones” segment. And that should apply to ALL aspects of our government, but, no, the religious fascists continue to demand their stupid ways.

  5. The right to refuse to bake a gay cake is the exact same right used to open a hypothetical gay-only bakery: the right of self-ownership. If I own a business, it should be my right to decide who I accept or don’t accept as a costumer, just like the costumer is free to go where s/he pleases.

    1. So hotels with a sign saying “No blacks, no Jews, no Irish” would be Ok with you?
      A restaurant with a sign saying “Whites only”?

  6. 😠”We reserve to refuse service to anyone.”
    Standard sign on the window of many businesses. You don’t want my money honey I’ll just go elsewhere…

  7. 😠”We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.”
    A standard sign you’ve seen in many a private businesses in America.
    😜You don’t want my money honey, I’ll shop elsewhere!
    ~Unlike that piece of💩bitch who refused to sign off on legal scantioned marriage licenses to gay couples, who worked for the city…
    She had no right to refuse to do her duty on religious grounds… Her ass shoulda been fired on the spot.
    God love America…
    Ain’t love grand?😜

    1. 😊Sorry for the double comments there.
      I’m not very good with smartphones…
      Or much else lately😏!
      Note: my original comments are still in moderation because Josh has the right to refuse service to anybody😏!

  8. Bakers (and photographers and florists, etc) who are bothered by marriage equality arrived at a perfect solution – contract law. They simply enter into a binding agreement with all the local churches who refuse to perform gay marriages to not offer wedding cakes to the general public, but only to those couples carrying a referral from a church they are contracted with. All perfectly legal. Just as car makers do not sell to the general public, but only to their contracted dealers. Most all products are distributed first through “middle-men” before they are exposed for sale in the marketplace.

    These “contracted” bakers, etc., happily sell their products and services to everybody, gays included, as long as they aren’t participating directly or indirectly in an actual wedding. So the gay couple that goes into the bakery and wants a dozen donuts or a baguette – fine, no problem. A queer man wants to send flowers to his boyfriend on their anniversary – no problem. A hot lesbian wants portraits for her modeling portfolio – the photography studio is happy to take the pics. As long as it’s not a wedding, the welcome mat is out. If it’s for a wedding, “sorry, we’re under contract …”

  9. Shocking: I never realized what a bunch of bigoted religious trolls we have here on site! Afterall, atheism is a non-evidence based belief system no different than theism. It’s like the number line in math. The Agnostics are at the “0” zero point of origin. Choose to go left (-) you’re an atheist, or choose to go right (+) you’re a theist. Either way, the evidence is equally non-existent and underwhelming. However, the atheists certainly appear to be an angry, reactionary, hate-filled mob.

    As to jaakov’s question, “why he exterminated Sodom for what they did?” Yes, they were RAPISTS. The next time someone throws the “homo” angle at you, point out that God could no more condone the rape of Lot’s female daughters than condone the rape of the male angels: either way Sodom would be destroyed for RAPE. For further proof, read Judges 19 & 20 for the “hetero” version of the story.

    1. “Afterall, atheism is a non-evidence based belief system no different than theism.”

      With statements like that and you have the “balls” to talk about trolls? Or are you really that fucking stupid?

      Never mind, you answered that already with your equally stupid statement, “point out that God could no more condone …”

      1. QUOTE: “After all, atheism is a non-evidence based belief system no different than theism.”
        And that’s the problem. The ‘evidence’ atheists demand won’t be found where they’re looking. Why seek proof of the supernatural within the confines and limitations of the natural? When your tools are limited to science and logic, you’re not going to find anything. Might as well try cooking over ice cubes.

        So, where and how do we look to find Him? We don’t have to look very far. Religion is from the bottom up – man seeking God, and all religions are false. Theology is from the top down – God seeking man, and that only happens with Christ, and that faith is true. He calls us constantly by tickling our curiosity – it’s no accident that atheists are often far more familiar with the Scriptures than many believers are, and when they finally convert are more fervent and zealous than those who never doubted. Your tools are an open heart, guilt, contrition, humility, desire, prayer, meditation and patience. They will fertilize your faith, and open your heart and mind to your liberating epiphany. To me, the best Christians who ever lived were the first ones, of the mid-1st Century A.D. – who were martyred by the thousands in the arenas, torture chambers and archery fields of the Roman Empire. They had no Gospels to read – they hadn’t been written yet – nothing more physical than the “drive-by ” preaching of an itinerant Disciple or Apostle trying to spread the word and stay one step ahead of the soldiers pursuing him. What else they did have, and what was all they needed, was a real-time, personal relationship with the risen and living Christ they could not deny or even rationally explain to their persecutors, and so they went singing and praying to deaths of unparalleled horror.

        In every Roman court, there was a small shrine mounted on a wall or sitting on a table consisting of a coin or something bearing the image of the Emperor and a little candle in front of it, and a small bowl of incense beside it. All a Christian had to do to escape torture and death, and go home in peace was throw a pinch of incense into that flame to acknowledge the divine genius of the Emperor. Imperial magistrates are recorded as pleading, begging Christians to just do it and spare themselves. None of the martyrs could – they knew better – in their hearts. No science, no logic, no ‘proof,’ no ‘evidence’ except the manifest, undeniable, irresistible presence of Christ.

        Your homework -2 short verses: Psalms 14:1, Psalms 46:10.

        1. “When your tools are limited to science and logic, you’re not going to find anything.”

          And, yet, look how much we’re finding in space — you know, “towards that fictional ‘god'” you keep kneeling down in front of. jesus, you’re so fucking brainwashed in the most stupid way, it’s disgusting.

    2. There was no god, sodom, lot or angels.
      A oft mistranslated fairy story from a group of nomadic exiles is no proof!
      We have all the evidence we need to be atheists because there is none for your or any gods.
      The universe is so much bigger and older than was known when the abrahamic religions were spawned, we don’t need the tales of a putative potential child murderer to tell us what’s in the sky anymore.
      There is only one angry, reactionary, hate-filled atheist on here, the rest of us are pretty mellow and just happily live and let live.

      1. Quote: “There was no god, sodom, lot or angels.
        A oft mistranslated fairy story from a group of nomadic exiles is no proof!”
        It has been quipped that if you believe in God and you will live with Him forever in the second life, or, you don’t believe and think death is the end, congratulations, either way, you’re right. I guess we’ll all know soon enough. Or not know.

        “Faith is an oasis in the heart that will never be reached by the caravan of thinking.” – Kahlil Gibran

        Quote: “There is only one angry, reactionary, hate-filled atheist on here, the rest of us are pretty mellow and just happily live and let live.”
        Thank you and others like you for being gentlemen. Because of folks like you, we continue to make progress -sometimes in great leaps, sometimes just with baby steps- but always better than we’d do with anger, reaction and hate.

        And let us not forget to thank our munificent host, Josh, who despite his better judgment, allows us this free and open marketplace of ideas, for it is in such as this that minds are changed, understanding grows, and we’re all better for it. Thanks again Josh!

        1. “Josh, who despite his better judgment, allows us this free and open marketplace of ideas

          That IS his better judgment.

      2. “There is only one angry, reactionary, xxxxxx atheist on here”

        If that is what it takes, then so be it. Ego iustus vere dicam.

  10. No right to open as a public business and not serve all customers.
    Agreeing to writing a particular phrase or wording that offends your belief I believe a shop keeper should be able to refuse. (eg a black own bakers forced to write a white supremacist phrase) .

    However I also believe the Red Hen restaurant refusing to serve the Trump official awas wrong by the same above rule.

    Personal belief should not affect public business service.

  11. Cake milkboys 2018-06-28 News & Opinions …
    — What USA southerners never understand is one of a few things about slavery. 1) The British financial underwriters of US slavery also have their own peoples as (white) slaves, for centuries, before slavery ”over there” becomes more profitable. And, less of a problem, physically. 2) The ‘white’ leftovers are paying off those British bankers. Indirectly, maybe, some how, but, deep debts do come due. Wall Street runs the rail roads, northern cloth factories, and smelters. Southerners are as Brish white USA slaves, uh, ‘OVER THERE’. 3) Southerners creating Jim Crow Laws finance their own poverty. The Nazi destructing six million of their best workers are no different.
    — Madalyn Murray O’Hair, a-theist, demands, and does demand, only, that, ”You will not tell me what to believe”. She survives the IRS, FBI, SS, the police, et al. For that, the atheists kill her and her other son (the convert do not know about). The killers take the money. The currant American Atheist org knows nothing. Do speak to her as alive. Have our differences.
    — As a young one, am given the name ‘white nigger’ and ‘white trash’ by blacks and whites. Say little as to what is prejudice and racism.
    — Will not bake you a cake ? For enough, will bake you anything, even you, you creepy creature. Do not make me. PAY. And he does pay. The wrong way. HA HA HA. FOOL.
    — If everyone is equal and the same, it is a night of black cows. The experiment is of many a try with hippie, and, other, communes, such as Mormons, the Dutch, monasteries, and nunneries. That is maybe why blind fish still swimm the oceans.

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