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  1. Fascinating history. But his closing line, “Why would you want to have the kind of body that Hitler thought was perfect?” hits especially hard. Especially if you scroll down four postings to “Teasing Tuesday *31”

  2. This guy’s an idiot. He’s messed up politically, and he’s all too wrapped up in the bullshit of social media. He needs to come down from his ivory tower and get out more.

    Back when Craig’s list was a meet/meat market, I would occasionally post an ad with a couple of disclaimers – “No pics asked for or sent – discretion is everything” and then I’d say something like, “I’m not an Abercrombie model and odds are you aren’t either – we’ll both get over it.” 9 times out of 10 I would get responses (and hookups) with guys that were perfectly height/weight proportionate. No gym rats, no dehydrated musculature, no fitness freaks. Just regular men who were a blast to be with.

    This psycho-babble preoccupation with the nonsense of gay “culture” is not useful or rewarding. Let the lunatic fringe enjoy itself. The rest of us – just normal, average guys who like to be with other normal, average guys, without the crap that pop culture says we’re supposed to be attracted to, will do just fine with each other, thank you very much.

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