Russian school kids are being investigated for gay propaganda

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Russian police seized several drawings from a school art exhibition to investigate possible violations of the country’s ban on gay propaganda after parents complained that they depicted same-sex couples. Russia outlawed “gay propaganda” among minors in 2013, a move that allowed courts to ban gay pride events and was followed by a surge in anti-LGBT sentiment in the country.

The drawings were made by students of a school in Yekaterinburg for an art contest marking the UN’s international day of tolerance. The police said they seized 17 drawings from the competition to investigate complaints that they contain gay propaganda, Interfax reported.

The the 5th- to 11th-graders had portrayed gay couples in their drawings. One drawing attracted attention for depicting the silhouettes of a female couple, a male couple and a mixed couple. “Around 10 other posters hang next to this picture showing a rainbow (a symbol of the sexual minority movement), planets and people of different nationalities,” a Russian news site wrote. “Another work contains the motto ‘We’re for peace! We’re for tolerance!’”

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  1. Russia and some of Eastern Europe is a pretty sad place for these generations of kids, between the ultra Orthodox, the Muslim and the plain idiots or dictators who rule them.

    On the other hand, the blond guy in the “We are tolerant. And you?” poster is pretty … tolerable indeed. ;)

  2. Sad, and so many seem very nice, yet so many are really fucked up people. Sad between the religious and the power mad. I suppose it is a backlash against the ones who were having a great time. Of course, it has been an extremely totalitarian place for a long time. Yes, the religious and the power mad.

  3. Yekaterinburg, a city infamous for regicide and massacre, for it was here that the Bolsheviks murdered their anointed sovereign Tsar Nicholas II, the Tsarina Alexandra, their son, the Tsarevich Alexei, and the rest of the immediate Imperial family, their physician and attendants, and disposed of their bodies under circumstances of ghastly horror.

    Russia got what it deserved – 70 years of Marxist socialism, tyranny, war and death, and still suffers today under the heel of dictator Putin and his ruthless oligarchs. The Russian people will yet have to suffer for years to come before the blood of the Romanovs is satisfied.

  4. A Russian tale I once heard: The tsar wanted a single religion to unify his country. He sent messengers to both Christian and Muslim countries. When they returned he was told that the Christians would let him drink his beloved vodka, but he would have to give up his catamites. The returnees from the Muslim world told him he could keep the boys but would have to give up the vodka. Russia has been drunk ever since.

  5. I heard that in Russia over 320 years ago no man shaved and any that were clean shaven were considered ripe for fucking up the ass, as this happened on a regular basis to young men and boys particular those serving in Monasteries or the Military.

    1. There are stories of how some young nobles lured Rasputin to his death with promises of vodka, cream puffs, and their butts.

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