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  1. Well, obviously, this being a helix vid, they are going to go back to their game for a couple of hours, then go to a bar, pick up a couple of girls and go back with them to get married and produce rug rats…

    1. “they are going to go back to their game for a couple of hours, then go to a bar, pick up a couple of girls and …”

      I’ll amend that if you don’t mind:

      … after about 2 hours with these girls, seem to frantically text each other to meet up at the house they were playing the game and continue so they could talk and “compare” what they “did” with these girls.

      At the house after the game was restarted, each began to “relive” their evening’s exploits with said girl watching the other near continuously rub himself between looks at his face and crotch. Then the other would do the same, talk [making up?] about what he “did” with his girl.

      Very soon, both were unable to contain themselves in their pants and both agreed to “recreate” what they “did” with the girl … which led to very detailed descriptions about their penises and how they were excited [conveniently forgetting about the girl’s responses …] and remembering the conversations earlier during the game. They proceeded to demonstrate “live” what they were thinking and “doing” with the girls …

  2. Game Night

    Interesting you post this (and the video is nice).

    I’ve very recently “stumbled upon” some interesting NSFW videos showing cute teens (usually 2) playing some kind of Internet video game that involves nudity/masturbation on the part of the players.

    I’m quite ignorant about this so I’m putting it to you. Out of curiosity (I have no intention of playing these games) do you know what these games are — their names and why “their gaming characters” need to strip nude and even masturbate (some even suck their friend’s penis)?

    It’s quite intriguing, to say the least. I notice these teens quite often have some background “distraction” — like a TV or music on which appears to “mask the vocals of the game” — and I’m just guessing about this. They appear to be “responding” to either real girls (on the other end) or female characters of the game. Are they getting nude as well? Are these teens responding to the games as they might in a chat session? The resuling recorded video images of these teens are quite hot, I have to say.

    I’ve seen some online things about nudity in games, but I don’t know what it’s all about for the players.

    I could go into more detail, but I’d better not.

      1. And that’s all you took away from that entire post?

        Ooops … I slightly misread the pronoun you used. They’re readily available, just “bing” around.

        1. There is another type of game it could be. Online dating simulation games. A few years ago when I was 13 me and my friend would play these online dating simulation games that usually ended in seeing some cartoon boobs and sometimes there was naked cartoon guys. I am bi so this got me hard but I was more interested in seeing and playing with my friends boner lol

          Here is the site we used to go on:

          This doesnt explain this part though – “their gaming characters” need to strip nude and even masturbate (some even suck their friend’s penis)?”

          I am curious

      2. Caleb: “their gaming characters”

        This is in quotes for a reason, and it’s for a double meaning …. either the “game character” being manipulated in the game is providing the impetus for nudity of the human players (and subsequent actions by them) … or the human players absorbing the “game character” needs/wants to have the opposite humans undress and provide activities for viewing and/or “scoring” or otherwise within the “rules” of the game (if in fact these are the “rules” programmed into the game). Again, I’m in the dark as much as you are … I’ve just been “lucky” enough to see a few choice videos (no complaints from me!). And this last video, it was interesting to hear the players in this video actually state/repeat either the commands/rules or desires of the opposite players (apparently girls because of the pronouns used).

        Sorry I can’t provide any more clues … that’s why I posted it … to find out for myself! I will add that these players appear possibly in Europe, but they speak “American” English, so maybe they’re here as well (the ones I’ve seen).

        “and even masturbate (some even suck their friend’s penis)”

        At least 2 of them performed felatio on their partner — very delicious, indeed. This last one I described only included full nudity and masturbation to ejaculation … a very nice treat in itself. :-) But, ALL of the ACTIONS appear to be a RESPONSE to girls’ (and/or others in other locations if multiple players) desires (and as horsey pointed out, horny teens will make up ANY EXCUSE to get undressed and exercise the sense of feel and of course look at their partners because they are so curious). This can get very psychological with exploding emotions from the players together.

        What to look for? I don’t know that josh will allow me to be specific about this, but just use your imagination in bing. It should provide some leads. Anyway, I just “stumbled” onto these so I don’t remember the exact text I used for searching. Sorry. I know I’m being vague about some of this, again, because of josh’s rules (blame him). But, enjoy the investigation! :-)

    1. “… and why “their gaming characters” need to strip nude and even masturbate (some even suck their friend’s penis)?”

      I just watched another one last night …. Interestingly, these gamers would sometimes repeat the “instructions” given to them by a girl [one of] the other ends. So, I learned just a bit more with these two (and it was quite funny what they did to preserve their “shyness” from each other).

    2. While there may not be any Internet games that involve stripping, jacking and blowjobs, kids will always make their own rules. Ever hear of “strip” poker? Heck, as teenagers, we played “strip” lots of stuff from cards to checkers, and when on the road, even Slug Bug was played … differently. Practically anything, on the Net or off, can be turned into a strip and sex game by boys who are already ‘doing it.’ And it’s also a very useful technique for seducing a new friend to see, first, if he’s interested, and then, how far he’s willing to go. We learn a lot from the games we play.

      1. What is “Slug Bug”? I don’t remember ever hearing of this — maybe we called it something else? What’s the premise? How was it played?

        “We learn a lot from the games we play.”

        Yes we did! And today’s porn is quite educational as well. :-)

    3. why don’t you give us links to the videos you “stumbled upon”, I tried a lot of various queries on Bing and Google but no success :( :(
      Give us more hints or keywords to search for…
      Or simply links to the videos :D

      1. mhgy91 :
        As I said above, I’ve forgotten the exact words I used for the search. So, anything I say now is no better than what you are already using. Just persevere. Did you use the obvious, like “game night fap/wank” or “game boy fap/wank”? Try different combinations ….. like our FBI and their iPhones. (At least Bing won’t lock you out!) :-)

          1. Sorry, not much more I can do unless I stumble again on those or another anytime soon. I don’t remember my search words and 99% of the time I rename any file I save to suit myself so I can’t even give you the filename for you to search.

            Keep looking! :-)

          2. Ok, I did a little “re-searching” and I found a vague trail of what I searched before (but forgot). It’s not absolute, and you will probably need to check just about every thumbnail you see, but try this: “omegle str8 cam”. There’s some goodies on there.

            That’s the best I can do for you. Good luck.

    1. “What is game night?”

      From what I can gather, it’s any/every night the parents are away or too busy to “check in”.

  3. Off topic: A recommendation:

    Demolition movie with Jake Gyllenhaal and cute [this could easily be an understatement] Judah Lewis who [not coincidentally?] “outs” himself in character as gay.

    The movie? Typical Hollywood extremism, this time with tearing things apart, although the plot had some potential if they hadn’t allowed special effects (this time, destruction) taken over the very base, interesting story.

    Jake is good as usual, but is hampered by the extreme script. The breakout performance is of course, Judah Lewis [] and worth watching for his performance (and looks!) alone.

    1. Since there was only 2 responses to my initial posts, I’ll assume that it wasn’t that interesting to everyone here, therefore I’m finished with that topic.

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