Making penises in games: it’s hard

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There are mods to make the characters in just about any game you play naked. The virtual humans of Stardew Valley, Fallout, Fallout Shelter, even, and Hearthstone are all subjected to the whims of diligent modders. Every time I set out to grab mods for a new playthrough of Skyrim or Fallout 4 (the two most-modded games on Nexus Mods), I’m overwhelmed by the number of gravity-defying breast enhancements available. And yet the number of dicks on display? Dismal.

Where are all the penis mods? One simple answer is that PC gaming, ground zero for modding, still suffers under the misconception that men (specifically cisgender, heterosexual ones) are the majority, when studies have shown that women actually make up half the audience. Game development still fights to retain people of marginalized genders, an effect mirrored in the modding community which requires many of the same skills. The mods they create reflect the interests of the creators and assumptions about the people playing them—but as I learned, that’s not the only reason they’re so pitifully rare.

After talking with modders and developers, it turns out that tacking-on the ol’ wedding tackle is just plain difficult.

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  1. I’m curious ….. does all this modifications to games have anything to do with the [quite hot] videos I’ve seen where 2 boys seem to be playing a game and then both either strip down or just pull out their penises and masturbate together …. even sometimes sucking each other off? All the while a TV is blasting “in the background” — I’m assuming to drown out their voices from …. maybe, parents — so they won’t hear?

    I’ve still never been able to figure out what game they’re playing/watching — supposedly with girls on the “other end” watching each other — egging each other on to be exhibitionists and do more than they would “normally” do?

    1. You think they’re playing a modded Fallout 4 or Skyrim? I don’t think you have to introduce that as the explanation for boys being boys. :)

      1. “You think they’re playing a modded Fallout 4 or Skyrim?”

        I don’t have the foggiest idea.

        “I don’t think you have to introduce that …”

        Just trying to point out the possible context of/for the result — Some are definitely talking “to” the game with/about “instructions.”

        I’m just curious as to what is really going on (besides the hot exhibitionism of the boys).

    2. They aren’t playing a game, they’re probably on some cam website (probably omegle, chatroulette was also popular a few years back) and the “girls” on the other end aren’t actually girls in 99% of the cases. ;)

      1. “They aren’t playing a game”

        That I don’t know for sure if it’s some “game” … but it’s SOMETHING ‘interactive’ because they’re not just talking to their screens, but also to each other about the “rules” or what the “other side” wants to see. I THOUGHT I heard the game, “Grand Theft Auto” mentioned, but I can’t be sure because of the blare of their TV and the bad quality sound.


        “and the “girls” on the other end aren’t actually girls”

        I suspected as much particularly after they insist on masturbating and sucking on each other. And in one, the “blond” [dyed hair, but hot as hell] was disappointed that his partner hadn’t shaved [enough/at all] for this “game” [or, exhibition, if you prefer] — and they weren’t older than 16, if that. And the cute part was that his dark-haired ‘partner’ [cute enough in his own right] “hid” his ejaculation very quickly after the “blond” had sucked on his penis.

        Anyway, confusion reigns with these ‘episodes.’

        1. Well, there is obviously an interactive part to it – someone is sitting on the other side of the connection, pretending to be a girl (just google “omegle manycam” if you want to go down that rabbit hole) and telling them “If you do this, I’ll show you this”.

          I’m not aware of any way to use GTA (or most other games to be honest, modded or not) for this kind of catfishing, so them talking about it was probably unrelated to the situation.

          1. “just google “omegle manycam” if you want to go down that rabbit hole”

            I did … and the results DO appear to be quite a “rabbit hole” which I didn’t know existed. Thanks for the “tip.”

    1. Oh, I hadn’t read the actual article, where they say that that’s not being supported by the original creator anymore. That said, the mod is still being maintained on LoversLab. Just because the original creator doesn’t want to put in the work anymore doesn’t mean it’s dead!

  2. There is a problem with the source. It links to a website but the actual research is not directly available on there.

    It’s very important to realize that there is a problem with the responses to these surveys – they are generally skewed by having an overpopulation of women (as women study in the humanities more often than other genders). I could not verify if this is true. It is also problematic that they apparently include certain games (such as facebook games, varieties of bejeweled, and The Sims) in the same pool as RPGs.

    I think that the other issue is that we don’t have data on the number of modders. If most modders are CIS-males, then the results in terms of appropriately modded penises might be disappointing because of it. The same is true for good hypnosis content (severe shortage of male/male or male subjects).

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