Is this Commercial turning innocent Kids into Jock-sniffing Kinksters?

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The laundry detergent Gain recently released an ad that has the web buzzing for its homoerotic undertones. In the new Gain jockstrap commercial, two young boys try to play a trick on their dad by dropping a jockstrap on his face while he naps. To their surprise, the jockstrap’s scent makes him smile — because it’s been washed in Gain laundry detergent, of course, not because Dad is secretly a jock-sniffing perv.

Naturally, the new Gain commercial has some prudish folks clutching their pearls and talking about how “inappropriate” and “dirty” it is. But anyone who has ever been a boy knows that kids (like the ones in the commercial) regularly make butt, poop and fart jokes. So they’re not angels; they’re basically pre-pubescent frat boys.

And look who their role model is: A hunky DILF who leaves his budgie-smugglers idly laying in plain sight like some sort of masculine lingerie. Any man who leaves his jockstraps right in his children’s view is basically flaunting his musky genitals and delectable buttcheeks around the house anyway. Is it any wonder his kids literally wanted to throw some of dad’s own man-stink back in his face? The poor boys have probably been dealing with dad’s post-game scents and dirty jocks for god knows how long.

When the boys lower dad’s stanky mankies into his sleeping face, the joke’s on them — dad likes the smell of his own junk … and he’s probably not the only one. We noticed Mom’s not around. Maybe there is no Mom — see what I’m getting at, boys?

It’s not the detergent he’s smelling, kids. Oh sure, Gain is a fine product, but it takes more than the smell of Oxi Boost or Febreeze to get him smiling in his dreams. In fact, dad doesn’t just smile, he spoons with the jockstrap and curls his athletic fingers around that man-sling like a huffing junkie grasping a paint rag. Dad is addicted to jockstrap smells, okay?

And it looks like Dad’s influence is rubbing off on his impressionable young sons as his eldest boy curiously rips the jockstrap away from Dad’s horny-yet-drowsy clutches to get a big whiff of Dad’s jock too. We imagine the younger brother will secretly take a sniff after dinner, wondering all the while if this is why the other kids in Little League all make fun of him.

Basically, the Gain jockstrap ad is going to turn everyone gay. And if you watched it, you’re already gay. Now go buy a jockstrap, you gay, jockstrap-sniffing perv, you.

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  1. The commercial had more of an ick factor for me then anything else, but then I was always of the opinion dirty underwear belongs in the washer, not under one’s nose.

    If someone complains they’re offended by any perceived sexual innuendos, all they’re doing is telling everyone else they’re into either jock sniffing or incest.

  2. Having worn a jockstrap because I had to, not as a fashion accessory, I can say, anecdotally at least, that if you’re too lazy or just forget to take it home after a few, or even just a couple of practices, it can get pretty ripe. Dollar store detergents might not always do the job like a premium name brand will. Good ad. Ignore the paranoid bluenoses.

    (It might have been more effective to show some big-family Momma laundering a washer full of jockstraps, spandex cycling suits, wrestling singlets, and white sox, and then show her 6 athletic sons all smiling in their bulging tighty-whiteys.)

  3. It seems appropriate that we are approaching the 400th anniversary of the landing of the 1620 Pilgrims in Massachusetts, for anyone to find offense with that ad are reverting back to puritan times instead of just sitting back and just seeing the fun of two boys making a good prank and how it failed.

  4. 😊Cute commercial exactly for what it was meant to be…
    All the rest of that fluff commentary from author was unnecessary drivel IMO.

  5. The religious and paranoid. (basically the same folk) , don’t see what most folk see. Two young boys trying to prank their dad with his skankie undies and failing. Hence the sniff test and the throwing down in disgust because they are clean. They see a young boy throwing them down in disgust after the sniff test because he can’t presumably get a hard on by sniffing his dad’s skankie jock, which he hoped would smell of sweat, pish, shite and a punk.

    Only a Christian can have such a dirty fucking mind. In their mind that Father is bisexual widower who fingers his own sons hole whilst licking them clean sticking his cock in their mouth, cumming in them then pissing on them. Afterwards presumably they shite in his mouth. I kid you not,

    Christians have the dirtiest fucking ideas out. Their mind is pure filth and view everyone who is not happy clappy as a child eating satanist. In my mind they’re one step removed from the nuthouse.

  6. Test. Edit. Spent 10 minutes writing a reply to this for it to disappear. Is there code words that delete replies or is it random or something else? What’s the bloody point.

  7. I know they were only 2 minutes apart, but the first reply at 4.05 actually 3.05 BST, had still not appeared 20 minutes later. I actually sent that about 2. 45 BST. Going back to bed.

    1. Relax. Your posts are all here. Sometimes it takes a day or so, but it all eventually shows up. Josh is cool. Trust him. Trust Milkboys. If you want to yell at someone, yell at Penboy, or me.

  8. This is funny — and the funnier responses by the paranboid heterosexualists (if that’s a word/category).

    This reminds me of the old Old Spice commercials where the older sailor [in his early 20s] is debarking his ship and tosses HIS Old Spice bottle to the younger sailor [looks to be 17-18] just a few steps behind him just off the ramp (of course wearing those wonderful WHITE Navy bell bottoms).

  9. By the way, I’m wondering now how those straight nutcases would react if they had seen our P.E. [Gym] teachers [sports coaches usually] physically pull each boy’s waist band out so that he could (and did) look at every one’s ‘package’ … you know, to see if he’s really wearing the prescribed jockstrap? And more than once, I saw him reach into a boys’ shorts “to physically check everything out.”

    That was a DAILY OCCURRENCE during my school years’ P.E. classes. And I don’t mind saying I was weirded out by having these teachers openly looking at my personals, but couldn’t do anything about it.

  10. Quite right Penboy. We’re on the same wavelength. . And I don’t mean Radio Gayland. Lol.

    I wasn’t upset with Josh it must be the heat. It’s 24 degrees.

  11. The advertisement, obviously, ‘says’ that daddy changes his detergent. His little boys, obviously, are not aware. The ad tells us to be aware. Aware of what ? Aware of the ad’s of the product. Any HOMO interpret is absurd.
    — Not to say it can not be of a different interpret. Remember DOUBLEMINT chewing gum ad, with the two guys, having a ‘homo’ interpret [1960’s].
    — As Freud, the otherwise weirdo and idjjit, does intelligently declare, some times a cigar is simply a cigar.
    — What a gay guy with those two boys might make happen later is a fantasy ?

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