Brazil enters new dark age for queer people & other minorities

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Brazil’s new fascist president, Jair Bolsonaro, wasted no time to crack down on minorities and signed executive orders targeting the queer community literally as fast as he possibly could. The ‘proud homophobe’ used his first day in office to sign the orders. They will affect queer people, indigenous groups and descendants of slaves.

Just hours after his inauguration Bolsonaro removed LGBTI issues from consideration at the new human rights ministry. He did not name another agency tasked to handle queer issues. The new human rights minister and former evangelical pastor, Damares Alves, has previously said ‘the Brazilian family is being threatened’ by inclusive policies.

“The state is lay, but this minister is terribly Christian,” she said in her first address as minister. “Girls will be princesses and boys will be princes. There will be no more ideological indoctrination of children and teenagers in Brazil.”

Bolsonaro’s actions against the queer community and other minorities come as no surprise. He has previously said he would rather have dead son than a gay son. He also said parents should beat their children back to being “normal” if they suspected them of being gay.

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      1. Sorry. Gun makers were mentioned in the article. BTW, since their stock price is soaring, maybe you should take the opportunity to invest while there’s still time.

  2. Brazil will be the first climate war, what I call the sustainable wars. The Amazon are the lungs of the planet. Bolsonaro represents much as Trump in the US, a minority, though definitely a large number, not unlike Hitler winning with 40% of the vote, the Nazis were only 10% of the population but through unrestrained violence they dominated Germany. Brazil is the forces of religious fanaticism colonial settlerism, extraction, exploitation, large multinational agriculture and fossil fuel companies against everybody else, against the indegenious, lgbt, center and left. I predict it will be like Chile in 911, 1973 with lots of murdering by the right. The only question is will the majority fight back?

  3. Among all my LGBT + circle of friends, the general words for this year are FEAR and RESISTANCE. We all know this government will have more prejudice as possible and we fear about our lives, but also we have to resist for the safe of the future queer people in this country. They want to disagree, this is a fact.

    Above all of this hate for the LGBT+ community, there are other kinds of attack based on the pure prejudice: other religions that are not cristianism, native people who only wants to live their lives in peace (South-americans Indigenous), black people, speacially those named Quilombolas (Descendants of slaves) and a speacial kind of hate for trans-people.

    This president can be there representing our country right now, but does’nt represent any of my ideals nor of my friends. The actual problema is the behave of this so called “president”. His exemple is copyed by his elector like they are supported by a law, you know. At the end of november (26, to be more exact) I was coming back from my job and a bunch of teenagers, who was going back to their homes, screamed on top of their lungs: “Bolsonaro will kill all the fagots”. This was my first contact with a young “bolsominion”.
    Some of my relatives started to support this stupidity. My mother, obviously knowing that I’m gay (I’m in almost 6 years relationship), voted for this acephalous creature full of prejudice. The whole idea of military dictatorship for her is absurd, because she had some military relatives the time then, so she doesn’t suffered with it.
    All I want to say is: if you are queer and want some place for your vacations, don’t come to Brazil. You are not safe here anymore. At least this is the what I feel when I go walk with my fiancé.

    Sorry for my bad English….><

  4. Would you invest in Mustard Gas in 1915 that was killing folks on both sides of the Western and Eastern Front.? Just wondering.

    1. Mustard gas? Oh puhleeeze don’t tell me you’re equating mustard gas with firearms. Law-abiding, peaceable people possess firearms to defend and save lives, and preserve property, not to make war.

      Somewhere in your kitchen I’ll bet there’s a knife. I would imagine committing a capital crime with it is one of the farthest things from your mind. As it should be. Now, if some clever chap came up with a better knife, might you invest in it? Why not?

      1. “Law-abiding, peaceable people possess firearms to defend and save lives.”

        Rubbish — there are zero factual measurements that can support such statements. And the most basic comparison of the USA against any Western country is just shocking.
        e.g. Gun deaths in USA hover around 155 times that of the U.K. after equalisation for the difference in population size.

        Prisoner population in the USA is — HIGHEST IN THE WORLD
        (( I bet you look down your nose at Nigeria etc. — think again ))

        For all the stuff that Americans can achieve — humanity is nowhere on that list.

        For a country proudly born from a struggle to get basic rights — it’s all been thrown out of the window, stamped on and set on fire.

        For a country with a huge list of the world’s top universities and centers of excellence — it’s a very dumb place.

        That’s all hard fact.

        1. The more dead people means more room for me on the planet. Let those americans kill themselves off if that’s what they want to do…….

  5. Don’t worry Buddy. Your English was more than OK. Far better than our Portuguese. Lol. As you say, he will rape the Brazil basin of all the forests for profit, then what? A shroud has no pockets. You can’t take money with you when your dead. I’m beginning to see a pattern here. The same kind of person that votes for Trump will vote for Bolsonaro, will vote for Putin etc. Then you get folks that take what you say out of context and attack you. We all must be united against such hatred. Not attacking each other over minor details. How do we defeat these rats? I wish I had the answer. It is easier to get an idiot to vote for a liar than amything else. Everyone wants easy answers or options to difficult questions. Can I ask you this. Did this new President model himself on Trump? Is this a trend we will see repeated worldwide? I sincerely hope not. Be safe my Friend. And watch your back. It is often more than not those that shout the loudest that have the most to hide. Criminals are electing criminals and idiots are electing idiots. It’s a worldwide phenomena. And I fear for all our futures.

    1. Bloody hell. That post went missing for a few hours. There’s hope for my missing messages on that other piece about the young boy flicking his hair called Options.

      1. Methinks that posts of a certain length get some kind of automatic hold until cleared for display. Whenever I write something long, like my comments on political posts, they always get delayed. But then, Josh, in his well-advised caution, may just set aside the efforts of certain forum members whose past language or temperament have merited some scrutiny. Not to worry, Josh is merciful and wise, whatever I write shows up sooner or later.

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