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    1. Thank you!! Jet Boy (2001).

      You posted this just as I was writing the description below and it was racking my mind to remember the name of this movie. OK — drug dealing — I knew it had something to do with drugs ….. I think the adult was an ex-cop or something like that and helping local cops bust the drug pushers.

      Yes, the above scene was during the first night in a motel after the boy “steals” himself a ride in the cop’s 68 (or 67?) Camaro.

      1. I reverse searched the image.

        the complete movie is available on youtube,
        look for “Jet boy legendado”

        1. It’s also free with Amazon Prime. (Not an Amazon plug, just might be more satisfying on a bigger screen.)

        2. @Cpt. Proton:
          Thanks again. I downloaded it from that YouTube page using the ADP 640×342 — .mp4 [its highest] setting. I don’t think the resolution is really that good, but at least I don’t have any “watermark” in the image. Just too bad it has the Spanish subtitles. It ends up being about 204 Mb in size (which is really pretty crappy resolution.)

  1. OK, this is killing me. I feel I know this scene — “I’m pretty good at it” is the clincher. I just can’t remember the name of this movie.

    Is it about an abandoned/runaway [this one] boy who befriends an ex-cop or still undercover [something] finding this boy in a cafe/restaurant? The “cop” has a [very nice!] ’68 Camaro and he’s trying to get back with his ex-girlfriend [I think] who cares for the boy in some way? Maybe filmed in Canada (as “America”)? The “cop” ends up being a “father figure” for the boy.

    This scene is in a motel right after the boy “forces himself” in the Camaro so he can get a ride to go somewhere ….. something like that. Most of it is still too “foggy” for me to remember …. I don’t even remember the boy’s name.

    It was an interesting movie and the boy is a pretty good actor in it.

    I might be totally wrong …. but this scene is so familiar to me with that specific dialogue.

  2. Incredibly sexy boy, but the fear on his face is total boner killer. I empathize with fear more than anything else even though I’ve never suffered any traumatic experience that would warrant that empathy.

    1. “but the fear on his face is total boner killer.”

      You know that was just for the story, right? He was just offering to “pay his way” for the ride [to find his father or mother? — not sure] because [in the story …] he assumed that’s what the “cop” wanted.

    2. Quite correct. He was not in a good place and he was a good enough actor to make that clear to the audience. Fear can be part of a story, but we ought not enjoy it. What, otherwise, is the point.

    3. While I believe there are circumstances in which kids that age actually would want to have sex with an adult, I don’t expect anyone will ever depict that on screen. The outrage would come from all sides.

    1. Yes, I got it. A triple thank you. Yes, large file (1.1Gb) and better resolution, but that’s OK.

      And the Camaro was a 1967 but it was a Marina Blue Rally Sport Convertible — with a 396in engine. :-)

    2. Thanks for the link. I watched it. What a great movie. Great twist. And a bit of a tear jerker. You gotta love the kid. All he wanted was a family who cared.

  3. An excellent movie indeed, and a great clip, I still have the DVD.

    Gmail tells me I bought it 10 years ago, probably watched it on Netflix before buying it. That Amazon order also had the season 2 of Skins (UK), with Nicholas Hoult, awesome in Mad Max: Fury Road, and also playing Beast in five X-Men movies.

    By the way, there’s a new X-Men in June or so: Dark Phoenix, also starring Kodi Smit-McPhee, Evan Peters and Tye Sheridan, all Marvels indeed and fine young (X) men.

  4. Excellent film as I remember, even though the kid is so cute its heartwarming how the cop treats him

  5. Do you pay any attention to details in these ‘culturally-sensitive’ scenes in either movies or TV shows?

    Perfect example (also used in hundreds of other scenes with cute young male actors):

    In THIS scene, did you notice that ‘Nathan’ undresses with the the baggiest of baggy boxer underwear?

    YET, in a previous scene showing him in underwear, he’s wearing nice, typically-snug bikini underwear (with no fly)?

    This was definitely intentional because of the script and knowing the viewers would naturally look at his underwear and therefore that area of his body during this specific scene. And the hypocrisy of all this is that he specifically undressed for this scene when this dialogue could easily have been delivered when he was dressed.

    There’s another, unspoken reason for this in “Hollywood history.” After World War II (specifically, but could also be traced during and after World War I) [‘fit’] young men and boys started wearing baggy boxer underwear — similar to, but with colors and “styles” to the military-style boxers. This was silently agreed upon and used by Hollywood productions so that the viewing fans of these particular males wouldn’t be able to determine either the size and/or shape of their genitalia during these productions and therefore protect their perception and/or persona to their public.

    1. I had to check. And nope, he seems to wear the same underwear during the whole movie. ^^

  6. Oh, it’s one of my favorite movies. I’ve seen it long time ago, but can’t forget its pain. A boy needs a man and he responds him with reluctance. How can a man avoid loving such a boy?! This is while at the beginning of the movie, you see that the boy has to sleepover in a man’s house and do what he wants while he doesn’t love him just for money. This concentrates on the fact of one-sided love, which I’ve been involved with during my whole life. For this, I love this movie and the boy. I may communicate with the fact it wants to say. I think no movie has explicitly depicted such a need from a boy side. I talk in my imaginations with the man: What do you think? You did a positive work?! And avoided a negative wish?!… You broke his little heart!
    Indeed, the nature of this movie is this, opposing the feelings we queers have.

  7. The hotel scene at the very end, is still one of my most favored scenes ever created in any move I ever seen!

  8. Never see this movie. It has a cute boy as here for us to see begging for help and offering his body use in trade for survival. CUTE and SWEET little boys and girls is nice to see in shows. Some are too nice to not react to sexually. THE RIFLEMAN tv show [1958+] has a boy and is a good example. That boy we see over and over and sexually react to over and over. Do buy the entire series and see and react to over and over. Some times the boy MARK, actor JOHNNY CRAWFORD, asks for help and evokes sex and a useless active muscle reacting as a desire to help. That boy’s body, face, and name makes this body wont. Do craw his image for … ha ha ha . . . The movie of this post has a cute boy offering his nice body and its use to some one else’s control for survival. 2X sexy. It is NOT some non-sex scene. Even if nonsense. FUN ! THANKS

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