The U.S. try to “clean up” the internet and it’s us who get hurt

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In 2018 the internet became a lot more prude than it used to be. And that’s a bigger problem than you might think. An initiative spearheaded by the U.S. government has dramatic consequences for sex workers, queer content creators and kinksters all over the world.

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  1. First net neutrality goes out the window, then any sexual content. What is America willing to give up next?

  2. America and England are little more than lunatic asylums when it comes to the topic of sex. In fact, most of the English speaking world has a psychotic obsession when it comes to anything sexual.

  3. I agree. Giving up any bit of freedom is a very bad idea. This was a well known and well regarded Axiom since 1776, until recently.

  4. She makes an important point – that it only starts with NSFW and then spreads incrementally to every other aspect of sexuality until it’s all gone. Still wonder why the NRA and GOA fights what the loony left likes to call ‘reasonable’ gun control? It’s because we know the real goal, where it really ends, with complete civilian disarmament. London mayor Sadiq Khan was even suggesting “knife control” as the next level towards complete social pacification. Want to take our guns? To do that, you’re gonna need to bring yours, and your friends. Lots of them. Molon Labe. Alex Jones, who I agree is a certifiable nutter, nevertheless was absolutely right when he said, “the answer to 1984 is 1776.”

    The flight of social media from sexuality is not just insane, but spectacularly cowardly. No one has the cajones to defy the FOSTA-SESTA laws and be a test case before the courts. I can almost understand why – the government tested third-party liability laws with prosecuting bars for allowing their customers to drink too much – and got away with it! WTF! Personal responsibility? No such thing nowadays. We’re not just our brother’s keeper anymore, now we’re each other’s master and commander.

    Still on social media? Sorry, but you’re now part of the problem. Millions must close their FB, Tumblr and other accounts, and do it right now, today. Otherwise, staying signed on translates as “silence is acceptance.” Stick with them, and as far as they’re concerned they doing everything right and you couldn’t be happier. Ohh -and they won’t care what you say – complain and protest all you want, they won’t hear you. Actions speak louder than words, actions is all they understand. For some of you who have no other life, quitting will be hard. Tough ‘female-presenting’ titties, quit anyway.

    The only upside to all this is the opportunity it presents to far-sighted and well-funded entrepreneurs – the existing social-media giants are suddenly vulnerable. Create a site that does everything they still do, and also what they no longer do, and find a way to filter out annoying bots, and the social media world, and many billions of dollars, are yours. Note: You’ll probably have to base it offshore in some Caribbean shithole to be immune from the FOSTA-SESTA tyranny Enjoy.

  5. Thats the problem with the US controlling all the internet main sites, they have always been sexual prudes and the UK close behind. I so wish we were more like Europe….

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