Gender Rules? Let it go!

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A video of a father and son, dressed as Frozen’s Elsa and dancing to her signature song Let It Go, went viral this week. Norwegian comedian Ørjan Burøe posted the video on Sunday to his Facebook account. It shows him and his four-year-old son, Dexter, wearing Elsa’s iconic blue dress and performing delightful choreography.

Burøe told CBS News that, to Dexter, ‘Elsa is a superhero’. In explaining why he posted the video, and joined his son in the first place, he said: ‘It’s important to teach children you can do whatever you want to do. It’s important to embarrass yourself and let go.’

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  1. The mother’s real name is, no kidding, Mama.
    Well, I might have fønt issues reading Marna.

    The dad did a fantastic job, I think he will be very supportive in 10 years when his son comes out as straight-mostly-but-who-cares-about-labels-anyway.

  2. God bless Scandinavia!!! When will the rest of the world catch up? I have no Scandinavian blood, but I spent the most pleasant 3 months of my life in Copenhagen back in 1968.

  3. My problem with this video is that the boy is wearing an orange shirt under the dress, not the fact a boy is in a dress. Small white undershirt people, perhaps a crop top.

  4. Either boys wearing a dress makes him a ‘girl’ and you liberals try to ‘fix’ and castrate them, or you say it doesn’t make you a girl to wear a dress and they’re fine as they are. You can’t have it both ways. Kids should be allowed to wear whatever they feel like without fake liberals trying to make them conform to opposite beliefs simultaneously.

    Lots of love from Ireland. xxx

  5. I would love to see a “blockbuster” movie about either Junior High or Senior High students — and ALL the “girls” in the class(es) would be trans* and then relish the typical straights’ comments on how cute/beautiful/sexy the “girls” are in it — especially by the media and they way they single out 1 or 2 particular “actresses” for their talents [take that any way you want].

    Yes, even YOU, horsey.

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