Friends on Ice

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Yuzuru Hanyu, Javier Fernández & Shoma Uno are not only some of the best and most competitive skater of the decade, they’re also close friends. I mean, just look at the peace and bliss on their faces in that embrace. The anime practically writes itself. Well, if someone else wouldn’t have done it already.

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  1. Very nice. And that’s the way it SHOULD BE — competitors, yes, but there’s no reason to “hate” each other just because of some sport. Way too often, the politics get in the way — even spurred on by the heads of countries who should know better.

  2. To often competition is misunderstood. If you are competing against someone, then you are only as good as they are; if you are competing against the sport, the physical action, then you can transcend many limits as Yuzura and Shoma do (even if they have been the best at times so they are already there). And they have fun, and have friendships and after the sport they will have great memories, positive feelings and friendships still. Shaun White, the snowboarder and skater, was in that zone, doing it for sheer fun.

  3. Muhammad Ali and Frasier EACH do say, aloud, on tv, and, more, about each other, that, they are friends, yes, emphatically, friends. BUT, also do they each say, emphatically, that they are, to the very end, competitors. Ali does speak and assert, and emphatically insists, that this does not mean such competitors’ emphasis can ever can mean, at all, to the ending of each others’ existence. WE ARE FREINDS, he says. Ali says that if you want death, watch race car driving and their crashes. .

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