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As I mentioned before, I’m working on a relaunch of milkboys with a new design. Part of the new concept is that I’d like to have all content in one place so you don’t have to check different sites to see everything I want to share with you ;)

Everything from juiceboys will move over to this site. I won’t show the juiceboys posts on the frontpage of milkboys (or the milkboys RSS feed for that matter) because I know not everyone appreciates that kind of heavy dose of porn but you can click on the juiceboys button in the top navigation to see the posts. I’ll also redirect the domain there in a few days.

Over the next few days I’ll move some of the best pictures and videos from juiceboys over to the new (sub) blog.  That means you might have already seen some of them before but I’ll make sure to mix in new stuff as well.

If you have a supporter account on juiceboys, you can use your milkboys log-in from now on to see supporter posts on juiceboys.

I will also launch a completely new sub blog in a few days which will be a bit different ;) But more about that later!


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  1. No hurry for my question, but I was going to become a supporter here too. Will juiceboys be rolled into milkboys and should we just wait some days until completed and then increase our contribution if we are so inclined.

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      jucieboys and milkboys will use the same account, yeah. If you already have an account for juiceboys you should have gotten a mail about making one for milkboys too, you don’t have to donate for that separately. If you didn’t get that mail drop me a quick line through the contact form and I’ll sort it out.

  2. It sounds absolutely great, what is the supporters link to juiceboys?
    Loved the demo posts.

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      It’s gonna use the same account as milkboys (which you already have) so nothing you need to do unless you didn’t get your milkboys account credentials, in that case let me know.

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