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  1. Keep your Naleye Jr Dolmans, I won’t even look, I am already married to Eddie Redmayne! ;)

    Do you know that his first professional role was a female disguised as a male acting as the go-between for a straight couple, with her(/him) falling in love with the male of the couple, and the female falling in love with (her/)him. Yep, Shakespeare can be fun and hot too, like in Twelfth Night.

    In Savage Grace, he sleeps with boys and also gets jacked off by his mom and has a threesome with her and his step-dad. Another kind of fantastic beast…

    1. Eddie Redmayne is beautiful. You might also like Terrance Corrigan in the Hornblower series, he played Midshipman Wellard.

  2. Freckles: Evolution’s punishment to human skin. (I don’t know for sure, but I’ve never seen freckles on any other Primate species.)

      1. @george smith:
        “I have [seen freckles] on chimps.”

        Being curious, I looked that up and couldn’t find anything that could verify that statement. I DID see some photos that showed patches, sometimes numerous that were of a different coloration (or discoloration, depending on how you interpret it). But these patches were in no way (size, etc.) what freckles are on humans.

        If you’re sure about your statement, please offer a legitimate link to show and explain. I’m still curious.

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