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    1. FFS !!!

      Teenage boys smoke and it’s not like he’s ever going to want to kiss you.

      Lovely picture, beautiful boy, thanks Josh.

    2. @nicthalon:

      I agree except I wouldn’t call him “trash.” He’s just a teen caught up in the “need” to be “cool” in the eyes of his peers. But true friends and peers won’t think he’s that “cool” after spending some time around him and smelling his “ash-tray” cologne all over his clothes and body (let’s not forget to mention his breath as well).

      And, he’s not that “cute,” but merely average, at best.

        1. “If he is average to you, you must live in a world full of suffering and misery because that is not average.”

          First, everyone has their own interpretation of being “cute.” And I just expressed my interpretation of him being “not cute.” That doesn’t mean he isn’t “attractive” (say, on average), it just means I don’t think he is “cute.”

          Second, I think this way because I had facial (and other) freckles when I was a child. And, even though many in my extended family and friends/coworkers of my mother would call me “cute” when I was even younger that the above image, I didn’t agree with them and disliked being called “cute” because of my freckles — but I gave them a “pass” on the “cuteness” if they only mentioned my double-cheek dimples and/or my chin cleft.


          And, no, I don’t live in a world of “suffering and misery” simply because I don’t find the same boys [as] “cute” as you do. But, I do live in a world of “suffering and misery” because there is “suffering and misery” throughout the world today which shouldn’t be.

          Btw, I live in an area that has hundreds of young people that I would call “cute” from younger than his age through older — with no freckles.

  1. ❦After first seeing this I was curious about it and followed the link. His smoking was the artists choice, the model may not even smoke but posed as such for the shot.

    ☞by caitlin-may
    Photography / People & Portraits / Fashion Portraits©2011-2015 caitlin-may
    I have always hated cigarettes, yet I have always loved how they look in photographs, movies and the like. I’ve always thought they add a sense of character. And whilst I did slowly and surely convince my lover to quit (his world tasted like ashtrays) I had to admit, I liked the look of it. Whatever, I’m weird.

    This is the first shoot I had done in a while where it was just me and the models. I think I need this sometimes – and I found it a lot of fun.

    Model – Joshua Hoog
    Photographer – Caitlin Morey

  2. “His smoking was the artists choice, the model may not even smoke but posed as such for the shot.”

    That’s really immaterial because it’s how the image looks to the viewer.

    But, after your post, I could probably agree that the model probably didn’t smoke it only by the way he’s holding the cigarette (but a smoker could hold it similarly).

    Also, someone did some smoking as there’s only about 1/3 left of the cigarette.

  3. “rugged beauty”

    Yeah, about as “rugged” as you can get standing in the driveway outside his $250K home inhaling the poison from a cigarette.

  4. I saved some pictures from the previous Milkboys, but my harddisk broke down the same time this magnificent site broke down the first time. Thus, I’m so very happy to have it back.
    I’m a non-smoker, and most of the time it’s sad when (georgeoes) people like him smoke. But he always may come to me so I could keep his mind of those cigarettes ;).
    (nopedo justcuddleandbake cookiesandstuff :p)

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