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  1. As someone who had freckles when he was young (the same age as the photo), let me say that freckles on the nose is the worst. Not only on the bridge of the nose, but on the end is even worse!

  2. I love this picture because this boy in this picture he is so cute that’s why I love it I can just be around boys just like him they always make my day I love talking two boys just like him and I love hanging out what boys like him

  3. Freckle Friday3, this boy is so cute, I would love for me and him to be friends together, I would love two do things with him, whatever he wants to do, it’s probably the same thing I want to do, I know what I want, and love to do, I don’t know if he realizes it but I believe his mom and dad are happy to have him, I believe whoever he is around with, they are happy, he makes everyone happy, just bye being around him, he may not realize this, I believe he is just that kind a person that people Love’s to be around him.

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