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  1. Nice photo of this guy, but don’t See an information regarding the pearls in his face. The red hair, his facial view are enough.

  2. Uh-Oh. Looks like the beginning of a case of Skittles Pox. Is it contagious? I don’t think so…

  3. For me, remove the freckles and whateverTF those things are on his face, and there is just a tiny bit of similarity of him to Timothée Chalamet

  4. Timothée Hal Chalamet (b 1995) is not a ginger hair spice nor a pumpkin head nor a nor a corn. Not to these eyes. Looks more like a, uh, simply light brown ? Looks nice here … no complaints. The dots on his face are may be to get us to protect him and like him more. Am sending birds to peck those things off him. Take them a year or two but they will get there. ( Know what do not like is the lack of any date and the lack of any data of almost all picture posts ever see. ) OH ! SLEEP TIME. Will clip those things off him that way.

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